Charlotte mouille sa culotte (1981) Francis Leroi

Charlotte mouille sa culotte (1981) 
aka Looking Good
Genre: Comedy
Country: France | Director: Francis Leroi
Language: French or English (2 separate audio channels) | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.37:1 | Length: 55mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x416 - 763mb

Cathy Stewart plays Poupée
Julia Perrin as Mary-Loup, plays Charlotte
Marilyn Jess plays a biker/dominant girl
Sophie Guers as Bernadette Suceladecou, plays Charlotte's stepmother

Julia Perrin wants to get her stepmother (Sophie Guers) in trouble with her father so he'll divorce her and leave the estate to Charlotte. This shouldn't be too hard, as stepmom proves to be a nymphomaniac. Julia tries all sorts of tricks to get one parent to catch the other in a compromising position. First she phones up a guy, pretends to be her stepmom and coaxes him into her parents' bed. He wakes up Sophie and they make love while dad continues sleeping right next to them. Then Julia invites her friend Cathy Stewart over and gets her to seduce him, hoping her stepmom will come home and find them in bed together -- but Sophie gets home too late.

Next we see Julia meeting her blonde biker girlfriend (Marilyn Jess) at a cafe, and together they follow Sophie to a remote spot in the countryside. A guy who appears to be a cop pulls her over, frisks and handcuffs her, then takes Sophie inside an abandoned building. Calling her a whore for cheating on her husband, he feels her up and strips off her panties, then forces her to give him a bj. Julia and Marilyn spy on them from across the basement. Another woman appears wearing dark sunglasses, bright red lipstick, thigh-high black boots and a black leather coat opened to reveal sexy black lingerie underneath. This turns out the be Marilyn Jess in a black wig playing a second character, whom the cop calls "Inspector". As the cop fucks Sophie doggie style, Ms. Inspector whips her tits, then inserts the handle of her whip in Sophie's butt, and goes down on her. Nice closeups of Marilyn licking Sophie's beautiful pussy from underneath. Then Sophie eats out Marilyn while the cop continues to fuck her from behind. After he cums and they get dressed, it's revealed that the whole thing was just staged as a role-playing sex game.

Julia and blonde Marilyn go back to Julia's house to make love. We get to see Marilyn do a striptease for Julia, slowly removing her black leather biker's outfit to reveal lacy black lingerie, garter belt and stockings. Julia says, "At last you're gonna take my cherry." And Marilyn replies, "It's gonna be nice. No man on Earth can do it like i'm gonna do it to you. I promise it won't hurt. You won't feel a thing... apart from a blazing orgasm of course."

These two are so sexy and gorgeous that even their short scene of pussy-licking and mutual masturbation turns out to be a hot one!

Finally, we see the parents sitting on a bench, hands tied behind their backs, watching as the faux cop and black-wigged Marilyn have sex on stage. He says, "Show 'em what you got, babe. Make these old pervs horny." There's a twist ending that some of you will see coming, but may surprise others.