Interlude of Lust (1981) Carlos Tobalina

Interlude of Lust (1981)
Country: USA | Director: Carlos Tobalina
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 76mn
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Starring: Dottie Burden, Gale Rosen, Karen Hall, Kathy C. Smith, Margarita Sierra, Mai Lin (as May Lin), Sandy Hunter, Susan Page, Art Collins, Bill Gretan, Bruce Norton, Dan Boulder, Freddy Kohn, Leon Marlow, Marvin Ellis, Ron Hunt, Vince Elias 

With their marriage on the rocks, Jo Ann and Bruce split and become born again sexual thrillseekers. You won't believe what goes on inside the house of forbidden dreams. Where depraved Madame Zolia provides Jo Ann with many an electrifying sexual fantasy that make sparks fly. But don't count Bruce out either. He goes to Vegas where Mai Lin works on his chopsticks till there ain't no more. Banzai! Needless to say, after this wild interlude of Lust the horny couple gets back together and lives hotly ever after. 
Interlude of Lust (1981)