WPINK-TV: Its Red Hot!! (1985) Myles Kidder

WPINK-TV: Its Red Hot!! (1985)
aka Antenne X
Country: USA | Director: Myles Kidder
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 74mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 627x478 - 1.35gb

Scene 1. Christy Canyon, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Christy Canyon
Scene 3. Ali Moore, Ron Jeremy
Scene 4. Dallas Miko, Tamara Longley
Scene 5. Dallas Miko, John Holmes
Scene 6. Ali Moore, John Holmes
Scene 7. John Holmes, Tamara Longley
Scene 8. Christy Canyon, Ron Jeremy
Scene 9. Ali Moore, Christy Canyon, Dallas Miko, Harry Reems, Tamara Longley
Scene 10. Ali Moore, Josephine Carrington, Christy Canyon, Dallas Miko, Harry Reems, Tamara Longley, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy

To spice up their sex life, TV cameraman Phil takes his work home with him, and videotapes girlfriend Kathi in some sexy poses as a prelude to their lovemaking. Later, reviewing the tape, he reflects that TV should be more like what he's just filmed. To which Kathi replies, "We're always moaning about TV. We both work at the TV station. If people want erotica, let's give it to them." And a plan is hatched. Sneaking into the station after hours, Phil, Kathi, and a few sexy friends launch KSEX-TV or WPINK-TV, both names are used. Phil acts as host, introducing and providing commentary for a variety of erotic programming. Their broadcast is inadvertently beamed around the world, and a US government agency dispatches Scorpio, the only agent available, to look into the matter. Posing as a maintenance engineer, the bumbling Scorpio gains access to the station, and begins his investigation. Will this "experiment in alternate viewing" succeed? Stay tuned to WPINK-TV.

  WPINK75 TV (1985)