A Woman’s Torment (1977) Roberta Findlay

A Woman’s Torment (1977)
Genre: Horror
Country: USA | Director: Roberta Findlay
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 84mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x464 - 29.976fps - 1.45gb

Starring: Clea Carson, Crystal Sync, Jack Teague, Jeffrey Hurst, Jennifer Jordan, Marlene Willoughby, Michael Gaunt, R. Bolla, Tara Chung

A mentally deranged young woman starts hallucinating, gets involved in lesbianism and murder.

This is some bizarre sickie s**t from Roberta Findlay, a completely deranged film about a freaky chick who hallucinates all the time hearing weird noises and s**t.There's plenty of sex and some great dialog in this genuinely hypnotic tale of lust, insanity and murder.

Otis, a shrink, is having sex with with his wife Estelle, well he thinks he is anyway and ignores her cries of pain and pleads for him to stop.When hes finished he cant see what all the fuss is about, "I just made love to you" he goes like nothings the mater, "Wrong my friend, you just masturbated inside of me!" she hits back with. Yep there is some classy dialog in this one! She also suspects him of having an affair too.

They go to a party and meet up with Don and Fran. Otis gets paro ("I need a drink Don, I mean i need a bottle!") while Estelle tries to find out who Otis is rooting. Don starts talking about Karren who is Frans younger sister and a bit of a head case, she hasn't even spoken in 3 weeks!!

Later on Don and Fran are back home just about to f**k ( "Come here winch let me make love to you") when they have an argument about Karren.Don wants her locked up but Fran wont have a bar of that-"I'm not having anyone connected with the Compton family in a mental institution"- that settles that and its time for a root("You just like me because i talk dirty, come here c**t")

Karren f**ks off while all this is happening and goes to the beach and wanders around for ages before finding a beach house and wanders around that before taking a shower and hallucinating that a masked man is stabbing her while she masturbates.

Then it goes even more crazy!!

An electrician type turns up and try's to calm her down, "Nothing to fear from Larry the letch" he goes. She gets all horny again and that freaks Larry out a bit,"First your hot and then your cold then your ten years old and now your a wh*re, Well i think your nuts!" "So what if i am" That's good enough for Larry and he fingers her but when he puts his c**k in then she goes nuts and kills him.

After more strangeness, masturbating in the shower again about what just happened,walking around in a daze, Otis and the others singing Roll Out The Barrel ,more people show up at the beach house including a nosy lady and a horny couple and meet similar fates.

Eventually Fran Otis Don and everyone bother to work out where she is, the party must come to a close but not before Otis dose some counseling "Right now i think you need a mans body next to you more than all the therapy in the world" and guess what.....

As you would expect this ends on a down but insane note.

That synopsis still docent capture how crazy this film is by a long shot, its wild!!!

Tara Chung as Karren is fantastic and out there! I reckon Richard Kern and Lung Leg were taking notes with this one, Some of it looks real cinema of transgression!!

Plenty of hardcore kind of slows it down a little during the second half but its still a great rough ride with plenty of weirdness and murder, highly recommended to 70's sleaze hounds!!
 A Woman’s Torment (1977)

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