Ramäge (Mobility Cathexis) (1972) Bob King

Ramäge (Mobility Cathexis) (1972) 
Country: USA | Director: Bob King
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 54mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x464 - 1.08gb

Starring: Anama Anis, Buddy Sigmund

The first segment begins with a young brunette turning up at the mysterious Porno King’s apartment. He watches her over a surveillance camera and only lets her in upon her presenting a series of revealing photographs to the camera. Once in his apartment, the girl is put through the motions by the silver-haired filmmaker. Although somewhat natural-seeming and candid, this ultimately feels cold and the “so, ya wanna be in the movies?” spiel from the director becomes discomfiting after a few minutes. This elongated opening scene is the most atmospheric of the film. The darkened, sparse set gives the film a cheap and squalid feel; the handheld camera eerily avoids capturing the filmmaker’s face.

The second segment is The most “psychedelic”, as a redhead strolls casually down to the beach, ties herself to a rock, and waits for the tide to come in. Intercut are her recollections of various sexual encounters. Some more obscure symbolism here, as a galloping stallion is intercut with, whatelse? If natural redheads (freckles, pale skin) are your thing, just ignore the whole suicide aspect. Not so easy, however, as her fear of impending death is mostly real – she’s being bashed upon the rocks by the tide as we watch.

Lastly, a writer, exhausted from typing, takes a much needed nap. As he sleeps, he dreams of 2 lovely nude cuties running around with each other on the beach who beckon to him. Upon waking, he decides to head out to the beach to get his thoughts straight. While walking the shore, he sees the 2 ladies that he was dreaming of reaching to him from a rocky alcove. He freaks the fuck out and runs straight to the loony bin, where he has insanity drenched sex antics with 2 fellow inmates, who may or may not be the girls he had dreamed of earlier; it’s difficult to tell.

RAMAGE is a strange, oddly unsettling docu-drama that works despite itself. It’s mercifully to-the-point (whatever that may be) at just 54 minutes in length. 
Ramäge (Mobility Cathexis) (1972)

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