Way Down Deep (1978) Richard Mailer

Way Down Deep (1978)
Country: USA | Director: Richard Mailer 
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 48mn
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Starring: Marlene Willoughby, Robert Kerman, Brenda Filbrick, Joey Silvera, Robin Byrd, Lisa Heyman, Bobby Astyr

A bit of porno nonsense called, for no particular reason, Way Down Deep, in which R. BOLLA plays a stand-up comedian with a stand-up putz who’s visited by the Consigliore of mafia boss Don Baddafella whose daughter, after seeing Bella’s act, has her heart set on marrying the comedian.

So Bolla hits on a plan whereby he sets up his male friends with all the girls whose numbers his personal secretary has gotten for him, in the hope that one of them is the mafioso’s daughter, and that she will prefer one of his friendly standins. Thus, JOEY SILVERA fucks a skinny nymph in the ass, and BOBBY ASTYR fucks young ROBYN BYRD, neither of whom is the gal in question.

Then Bobby does double-duty with crazy dominatrix MARLENE WILLOUGHBY who whips his ass something fierce, and guess what? She’s the gal, Carmela Baddafella. But the symbolic fish have been delivered to Bolla and his friends are dropping like flies.

Bella’s personal secretary then takes matters into her own hands and introduces Marlene to the joys of lesbo sex. But it’s too late. When she gets back to Bella’s office, there’s a dead fish sitting behind his desk. Moral: when you’re made an offer you can’t refuse, don’t. 
Way Down Deep (1978)

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