The Starlets (1976) Daniel L. Symmes & Joseph Tebber

The Starlets (1976) 
aka Starlet Club 69
Country: USA | Director: Daniel L. Symmes & Joseph Tebber
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 74mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 1.51gb

Starring: Dorothy Newkirk, Monique Cardin, Patricia Lee, Spring Finley, Susan Devlin, Roger Seeman, Melba Peach, John Leslie, Candida Royale, Robert Elliot, Kenny Cotton, Kitty Moore, David Scharf, Virginia Baker, Lee Forest

The most beautiful girls in the world are the starlets and the most intimate sanctuary for private sexual sextravaganzas is their home, the Starlets Club. Although it's off limits to all but a select few, we'll take you there, behind locked doors to be an eyewitness to an erotic adventure. Some of these girls reached fame and fortune, one became a legend.

Our hidden cameras take you inside studio walls to reveal an intimate and penetrating look at the sex goddesses...and their blushingly uninhibited pursuit of passion.

This was the first widely distributed, true hard core as 3D feature. It was the 4th highest grossing run at the LA Pussycat Theaters (after Deep Throat, Sexual Freedom in Denmark, and Sexual Freedom Now). 
Starlet Club 69 (1976)

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Arcane999 said...

Thanks very much for having the 3D version.
(Which anaglyph 3D glasses you use *does* make a difference. Various _permanent_ ones -- as opposed to those flimsy, disposable cardboard ones -- can be found online inexpensively, in places like eBay. Some work better than others, with a particular 3D film.)

Have seen several really crappy hardcore 3D films, and this is probably the only one I could cite as actually being pretty good.
It would be great if the resolution was better than just 640 x 480, but this is likely the best we're gonna get.

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