Supergirls Do General Hospital (1984) Henri Pachard

Supergirls Do General Hospital (1984)
Country: USA Director: Henri Pachard
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 73mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 1.13gb

Starring: Raven, Ginger Lynn, Taija Rae, Kristara Barrington, Kelly Nichols, Chelsea Blake, Carol Cross, Paul Thomas, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy, David Scott, George Payne, Will Jarvis, Jose Duval

Ravishing Raven stars as Brenda Brinkley, America`s sexiest movie star with a taste for life in the fast lane. Her wild ways eventually lead her to General Hospital after she suffers a nervous collapse. There she wakens to find herself a virtual prisoner of the hospital as the doctors and nurses do their best to keep her flat on her back - and her legs wide open!
Supergirls Do General Hospital (1984)

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