Beauties in Paradise (1993) Michel Ricaud

Beauties in Paradise (1993)
aka Private Film 5: Beauties in Paradise
Country: France Director: Michel Ricaud
Language: English or French or Italian or Spanish
(4 separate audio channels) | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 93mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 625x480 - 2.42gb

Starring: Karina Senk, Mickaela, Nadine Bronx, Sylvia, Vally Verde, Bob Terminator, Christopher Suss, David Perry, Fred Person, Jack Slater, Joey Silvera

Experience paradise with stunning beauties that will have your mouth watering! Whether it's sex on the beach, an orgy at the beach bar, or a threesome by light of torches, every scene is hotter than the next! Tons of Anal action and all the sticky cumshots you dream of!
Beauties in Paradise (1993)

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widdle_wigga said...

There's an uncut European version of this that's almost 10 minutes longer and rated higher.

NLZ said...

Hello, do you have more info about this version? This rip is from the private dvd and with these dubs, I assume it's a European dvd but porn movies can have so many different versions, everything is possible :)

widdle_wigga said...

Go to this link

Scroll down to the bottom.

I've heard in the past that Private had both Euro and US versions of their DVDs, some of them would have things like minor pee scenes or fistings that you wouldn't see the the American ones.

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