Little Women Get Ahead (1970) John Lamb

Little Women Get Ahead (1970)
Country: USA | Director: John Lamb
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 67mn
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Starring: Gerard Broulard, Sandy Dempsey, John Dullaghan, Lynn Harris, Kathy Hilton, William Howard, Fifi Watson

Little Women Get Ahead has ditzy blonde KATHY HILTON and ultra gal FIFI WATSON doing a jigsaw puzzle in their skivvies. Fifi tells the blonde of a scheme where her friends get paid for "partying all the time." (Read: slut city.) The blonde then asks Fifi if she has a piece that will fit. When Fifi’s brother GERARD BROULARD and his friend, WILLIAM HOWARD, show up, they both have "pieces that fit" and Fifi gets porked like a pig on a rotisserie. The blonde fixes drinks, then sticks her guy’s "swizzle stick" in her mouth.

Soon, they’re joined by Mimi and Toni (LYNN HARRIS), a Pam Grier look-alike and a hot hippie gal. Mimi and Toni get down on each other to freaky dubbed in moaning, and the same occurs with JOHN DUNN, a moronic looking hick with impotent problems. Mimi and Toni try in "vein" to get the guy up, even using Java and water during fellatio — talk about a Coffeemate! — but it doesn’t grow. So they call in the legendary, vivacious SANDY DEMPSEY to perform oral surgery!

Sandy practices her "craft" on Fifi’s guy first and makes Mick Jagger’s words, "You’d make a dead man come," ring ever so true. But — oops! — when Sandy sees the southern fried fool, it turns out she’s his wife! Little Girls Get Ahead is just that! A plot as thin as Saran Wrap filled with hippie jargon and sexy chicks. Bad acting throughout but if you wanted good acting, you’d be checking out Shakespeare, not this Shake-Your-Spear. Right?
Little Women Get Ahead (1970)

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