Fire Down Below (1974) Bob Chinn

Fire Down Below (1974) 
Country: USA | Director: Bob Chinn
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 62mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 704x528 - 699mb

Starring: Jan Davis, Pete Dawson, Charles Lish, Gene Rowland, Fran Spector

The Fires Down Below starts off promising indeed. A handheld camera tracks threateningly around a Victorian sitting room while eerie tribal music plays on the soundtrack. The stillness is soon pierced by a ravishing, dark-haired beauty who enters in a sheer negligee, sits, and begins reading a book. "My life is so empty since Brian was killed in Viet Nam," we hear the young woman complain in voice-over. Finally, she gets up and faces out the window with her back to the camera. She calls aloud for her lost lover, begins to get horny, and caresses herself. Unable to stand the tension any longer, she finally sits on a nearby stool, spreads her legs, and rubs her hairy muff to orgasm.

So far, so good. The tension is broken, however, by the sound of a phone ringing. The caller is Chuck, an army buddy of the chick's dead husband. She invites him over, obviously still hot in the pants, and quickly manages to maneuvers the guy into the sack. Referring to him by her dead husband's name (psycho!), she gives Chuck a good going over then offers to let him move into her pad (the better to keep the goods within reach).

Chuck, however, turns out to be a lot less innocent than he looks and Lila soon catches him in a 3-way with another couple. She's pissed, but before the crisis can be completely resolved, the story cuts to another phone call, this time from Lila's old girlfriend, Janine. She and her Australian-accented husband drop in for a visit and wind up spending the night (which looks an awful lot like the day) having sex in the guestroom. Out in the hallway, Lila hears the couple making love. She approaches the door and begins rubbing herself. The tension is terrific, it's palpable. Will she enter the room and join them...?

...and then the film breaks. That's right, folks - the final 20 minutes of The Fires Down Below are missing just like the missing reel in Quentin Tarantino's GRIND HOUSE! What will become of poor Lila may be uncertain, but one thing is clear - you're not getting your money back! Look at it this way: if you haven't managed to stroke it off by now, you obviously didn't know how to use a porno movie in the first place. Oh well, write it off to another day at the good old Storefront Cinema.

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