Highway Hookers (1975) Carter Stevens

Highway Hookers (1975)
Country: USA Director: Carter Stevens
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 66mn
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 - 640x480 - 752mb

Starring: Linda Lovemore, Lorraine Alraune, Angel Barrett, Eric Edwards, Cheryl White, Leo Lovemore, Janet Slade, Bruce Brown, Ruth Morgan, Jack Vitek, Micheala Johnson, Jerry Schneiderman, Roger Caine, Bree Anthony, Tony Richards

In the mid-70s, the macho attitude and appearance of Truckers were popular in movies and culture, but equally popular was the Feminist movement. Combining the two was a sure-fire way to make a hit movie. Enter Highway Hookers featuring the Mother Truckers, a band of hard working (and hard sucking) women who decide to take on the male-dominated world of the tow truck industry. But, since the girls are willing to trade sexual favors for company solvency, the competition just don't seem to care!

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