What About Jane (1972)

What About Jane (1972)
aka What About Jane: An Erotic Soap Opera
Genre: Drama | Romance
Country: USA Director: Unknown
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 80mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 700x510 - 1.31gb

Starring: Clair Dia, John Christian, Martha Strawberry, Lee Parsons

This one is subtitled "An erotic soap opera." But you won’t see scenes like this on As the World Turns. Especially since the star of the film is a vibrator.

Jane (CLAIR DIA, a.k.a. Emily Smith) is a shapely redheaded housewife happily married to Johnny (John Christian). Except every time they make love, Johnny gives her a quick jump, then rolls over and goes to sleep. Give her an orgasm? He may as well try and part the Red Sea.

Jane rubs dishwashing liquid over her breasts and masturbates alot. She also has weird sexual fantasies in which she begs her husband to please her. "Oh lord, my leader, my master. I only ask to be brought to a climax." Johnny, who has a crew cut, wears black tights and looks amazingly like Henry Rollins, snarls, "You have the audacity to ask for an orgasm? You lowly scum, you cheap slut, you ungrateful bitch." (This guy obviously doesn’t give a shit about his sensitivity rating.) He ropes her up and whips her ass and tits. (Which turns heron.) "Quickly, quickly, I need correction!" she wails. "Pleasure me! Cleanse me!"

Jane’s large-chested pal Michelle drops by. Jane breaks down, sobbing, "I can’t climax with John." She even blames herself. "I’ve trapped myself by telling him he’s a super super stud!" Michelle is played by gorgeous MARTHA STRAWBERRY, who was in Behind the Green Door, so if anyone can rescue Jane, she can. The answer? Lots of foreplay. Michelle tells her how she makes it with her husband Tom. In a flashback we see Tom explore her every orifice.

Michelle knows that the way to a woman’s heart is through her vibrator. She hauls out the electrical equipment. Ordering Jane to disrobe, she operates what looks like a cake mixer over her body. (This thing is so big it needs a kickstand.) Pretty soon the women are trading licks in a frenzied lesbian encounter.

Jane is now vibrator-dependent! She explains to John how using it will also enhance his pleasure. He listens to her sales pitch. ("Sounds reasonable.") Before long our happy humpers are moaning in pleasure. Yup, another marriage saved by a vibrator. What About Jane ends with a foursome, as Jane, Johnny, Michelle and Tom exchange partners. (And bodily fluids.) Ain’t love grand?

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