Dial P For Pleasure (1978) Bill Bukowski & Larry Windsor

Dial P For Pleasure (1978)
Country: USA | Director: Bill Bukowski & Larry Windsor
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.37:1 | Length: 59mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 812x576 - 1.44gb

Starring: Susan Wong, Sharon Mitchell, Dory Devon, John Black, Zebedy Colt, Bill Cort, Dave Ruby

A hotline for kinky pleasure-seekers with an accent on domination and submission, Dial P for Pleasure pulls no punches. But it does pull peckers — and twists and steps on them also! Indeed, lots of commands are heard here: "Lick my boots," "Suck my cock," "Take off those shorts," "Lie down," "Stand up," "Turn around," and so on... 

 SHARON MITCHELL is a dominatrix who really enjoys her work. "You call this thing a cock?" she hisses with contempt as she waggles her client’s weenie before chowing down on it. Meanwhile, some black dude is forcing his engorged licorice stick into the quivering mouth of a timid submissive blonde. Who the clients are, and who the pro’s, is not always clear. 

But if this sort of thing is your cup of jiz, it won’t matter one bit. A subplot about a father trying to rescue his daughter from this sordid way of life does not for a moment get in the way of the kinky action.

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