Love Dreams (1981) Alan Vydra

Love Dreams (1981)
Country: USA | Director: Alan Vydra
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.37:1 | Length: 73mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 720x480 - 1018mb

Abigail Heath, probably Helen, the blonde daughter in 2nd household
Bonnie Holiday plays Mrs. Mills, wife in 2nd household
Julia Perrin plays Julia
Morgan Jones, probably wife in 3rd household
Susan Nero plays Susan, maid in 3rd household
Dale Meador plays Mr. Wallace (1st household) [NonSex]
Harry Freeman plays director of employment agency [NonSex]
Hershel Savage plays Mrs. Mills' young lover
John Leslie plays Mr. Franklin (4th household)
unknown 1 plays Mr. Mills, husband in 2nd household
unknown 2 plays the General

Julia Perrin plays a French au pair girl in the USA who becomes the target of sexual harassment in every household in which she works. After trying out and rejecting a family who live in revolting conditions with cats in every kitchen cupboard, she goes to the house of a family where she watches the mother (Bonny Holliday) having sex with her lover (Hershel Savage) in the living room. As Julia masturbates on the staircase she is surprised by the host who immediately forces his huge dick into her mouth. The only way out is biting his penis which makes him more cautious in future. A sex session with the daughter and mother's lover follows.
The next family features a horny old grandfather sitting in a wheelchair and wearing General Custer's uniform. A maid (Sue Nero) takes special care of him as she gets her big boobs and her mouth fucked by him. The last 'family' turns out to be a single-person household (John Leslie). After some passionate sex she marries him.