Blue Confessions (1983) T.T. Lord

Blue Confessions (1983)
Genre: Fantasy
Country: USA | Director: T.T. Lord
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 82mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x464 - 819mb

Starring: Tina Blair , Patty Bridges, Valeri Darling, Keith Donaldson, Blair Harris, Mike Horner, Sharon Kane, Hilda Kaufman, John Leslie, Roberta Marlow, Marlene Monroe, Mimi Morgan, David Morris, Mike Ranger, Jim Reynolds, Don Robertson, Loni Sanders, Ken Scudder, Serena, Kitty Shayne, Jessie St. James, Paul Thomas, Sandra Thompson, Jennifer West

In this cleverly crafted, gem of a movie, Loni Sanders stars as a frustrated freelance writer who undertakes the laborious task of conjuring up eight graphic articles on people's sexual fantasies and secret desires. Totally baffled by the perplexity and confusion of subject material, Loni suddenly hears a mysterious voice from her subconscious speak to her. This strange voice makes a magical blue telephone materialize out of air, and states that whomever is called on it, will willingly confess their innermost sexual secrets.

What follows are some of the hottest encounters ever filmed, and as luscious Loni types away, she comes to her last essay. Suddenly the magical blue telephone rings, and after Loni answers it, she herself falls prey to it's elusive, spellbinding powers. Her fantasy is the final article needed to complete her essay!

Blue Confessions combines truly sizzling action with a top notch performance by Loni Sanders, who disproves the age-old theory that adult film actresses can't act. She is marvelously cast here, and a pleasure to watch with, and without her clothes on.