Millie's Homecoming (1971) Eduardo Cemano

Millie's Homecoming (1971) 
aka Lady Zazu's Daughter
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA | Director: Eduardo Cemano
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 65mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 688x384 - 1.32gb

Fred J. Lincoln ... Lord Zazu (as Fred Zots)
Dolly Sharp ... Lady Zazu
Tina Russell ... The Maid
Arlana Blue ... Millie (as Angel Spirit)
Richie Epps ... Repairman #1
John Buco ... Repairman #2 (as Biff Boom)

At the Research Center for Incestuous Activities, Bard Wigginhorn, "a practicing psychologist," sits behind a desk holding a pencil. In a grave voice, he lectures us about "a very serious subject...Incest! Shocked? I thought so." He introduces the movie and asks, "What can we do about it? Is it good or bad? You be the judge and jury..."

Lady Zazu (DOLLY SHARP) is planning a welcome home party for her daughter, Millie (ANGEL SPIRIT), who's been away at college. Before arriving, Zazu and her maid, Hazel (cute TINA RUSSELL), do naughty things with a vibrator and get schtupped by a pair of dishwasher repairmen.

Daughter Millie wanders around Central Park and masturbates under a tree: "I'm in love with the flowers, the air, the trees. I'm in love with my flesh. I want the fuck the world!" Lord Zazu (FRED ZOTS) comes home drunk and gets a slurp job from Hazel. He stumbles upon his daughter screwing the Maytag repairman and jumps on her sphincter. Daddy's little girl squeals with pleasure. Lord Zazu says, "It was wonderful! I loved fucking my daughter! Let's find Mother and tell her!"

"Serious subject" aside, Lady Zazu's Daughter is played strictly for chuckles. (What's next? A slapstick comedy about child molesting?) Dolly Sharp is funny (and filthy) as the neurotic, sex-crazed matriarch and the late, great Tina Russell sizzles. Co-starring BIFF BOOM who, for some reason never attained household name status. Tacked on the end are more hardcore outtakes and commentary by director EDUARDO CEMANO.

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