Games for an Unfaithful Wife (1976) Claude Mulot

Games for an Unfaithful Wife (1976)
aka Extases extra-conjugales 
aka Blue Extasy aka La rage de jouir
Country: France | Director: Claude Mulot (Frederic Lansac)
Language: English or French
or German (3 separate Audio Channels) | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 64mn
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 - 704x412 - 748mb

Starring: Marie-Christine Guennec, Michèle Grubert, Micky Love as Michèle d'Agros, Sylvia Bourdon, Sylvia Diams, Ingrid d'Eve, Jean-Louis Vattier, Patrick Segalas, Guy Bonnafoux

A married couple is introduced to us. The movie starts with some erotic flashbacks of their first wedding anniversaries. Being bored after four years of marriage the wife searches for new amorous challenges. She is a beautiful curvy green-eyed woman, far from innocent.

An opportunity arises when the husband is on a business trip to London where he has a love affair. In a sauna the wife seduces her Indian-looking house maid. Turned on by the heat, they spend some time in a 69 eating each other out.

Next she persuades a parking attendant not to write her a parking ticket - in a phone box she starts blowing his dick. Suddenly an impatient guy arrives. While the traffic warden pretends to make a phone call she jerks him off. The scene ends with some nice cleanup licking.

From the wall of a restaurant toilet she gets the phone number of a horny couple. The woman quickly comes to the point. She sticks a finger in our heroine's ass. Well prepared, our heroine then takes some anal doggy style from the guy who finally unloads on her bush.

Next she investigates a young couple in a park. She invites them to her home and places the bedroom at their disposal. She leaves the room and returns several times to watch them. After some 69 the guy fucks the girl missionary.

The next scene is incredible. Sitting in her VW Beetle Cabriolet, she starts fingering herself on a public street in Paris while other cars pass by. Some people gather, watch and take photos of her. Under their eyes she does some heavy handwork. She leans her head against the door frame. Her eyes are closed but her mouth is wide open and she seems to enjoy the situation. She fingers her clit until she cums volcanically. Then she drives away. The scene looks really genuine. If it's a fake it's well done!

At home she phones her brother in law. She meets him and they have sex together with another couple (including XNK1356). After some doggy and missionary style the guys cum on the girls' bellies. The scene finishes with some lesbian action.

Finally her husband returns home from Britain. He admits to her that he had a love affair with another woman. But from now on he's going to change his life - it's their sixth wedding day! But she's just smiling and explains to him that the anniversary will be next week!

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