The Married Woman (1977) Bob Chinn

The Married Woman (1977)
aka My Wife, the Hooker
Country: USA | Director: Bob Chinn
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 60mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 912mb

Starring: Josephine Farmer, Justina Lynn as Justina Lynne, Spring Finlay, Toni Scott, Turk Lyon

Opening is a sensual bed scene of Lynne as Stephanie with hubby Al (Turk Lyon) featuring several positions and ending in a facial, with Justina displaying true eroticism. She then visits a house of prostitution run by Josie Farmer. She gets hired as a part-time lady of the afternoon after Farmer tests her lesbian style.

Meanwhile Al beds down with next door neighbor Ginger (uniquely fresh & pretty redhead Spring Finlay), on the pretense of bumming a cigarette from her. Reaffirming director Chinn's fame as one of the West Coast's premier Golden Age pornographers, Finlay almost steals the film with a red-hot scene. Like Lynne, she had only a spotty career, but makes notable appearances in THREE SHADES OF FLESH as well as the fake interview picture (also opposite Devlon) REVELATIONS.

Film proceeds around a central coincidence at the brothel. Justina gets a first customer who's quite uptight (he's an insurance claims adjuster) and she relaxes him, patiently bringing him to a money shot. Hubby Al finds the madam's business card in a book Stephanie was reading, and he heads there, nicely serviced by whore Toni (Toni Scott, the appealing long frizzy-haired actress who was usually cast as a hippie in such films as ORIENTAL KITTEN).

Back home shiftless Al bawls Stephanie out for being away, and defends his idleness with a familiar "There's a recession going on" (late '70s version). It turns out that the whore Toni is Stephanie's friend who clued her to the bordello in the first place. After arguing, the loving couple makes out and ends the day with a bang.

Film's finale seems tacked on (or at least placed where a real ending should be) as the porn payoff: in her dreams Stephanie imagines an intense (volume wise) golden shower all over her face and torso from some unidentified guy, the kinky equivalent to a patented Peter North level money shot.
The Married Woman (1977)

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