Call Me Angel, Sir (1976) David Davidson

Call Me Angel, Sir (1976)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA | Director: David Davidson
English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 68mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 984mb

Starring: Zebedy Colt (Narrator), Jean Dalton (Jody Angel as Diane Dalton), Bambi Deer (Joan Jaffe), Luis De Jesus (Andy Green as Short Stud), Jeffrey Hurst (Jay Norris as Jeff Hurst), Wade Nichols ( Football Jock), Annie Sprinkle (Tracy Dixon), Ultramax ( Ange Lewis as Ultra Maxine)

What you are about to witness are actual case histories from the files of a well known psychotherapist and authoress. Her occupation is now of another nature: body-broker and Mistress of Minds. Her makeup is sinister, laced with a perfume of corruption.

JODY ANGEL (Diane Dalton) came for a visit to the Big Apple to find her Aunt Ange and found herself entrapped in a world you will never forget. On this island of lust there is a palace of pleasure and illusion. Within this palace is a limbo land of an opposite nature. Upon her arrival at Ange's pleasure palace, Jody is most impressed with her luxurious and opulent surroundings. She is unaware that Ange and her slave-lover J.Jay (Jeff Hurst) are determined to groom and abduct the teddy bear toting Angel into a "wildrose" with principles of the most "unbridled nature", which include mental and physical bondage.

Preserving the flavor of events that took place, we have gone directly to Ange's transcripts exposing ANDY GREEN (Short Stud), Ange's midget, houseman and play toy. He enjoys every fantasy that Ange can find for him. His favorite is TRACY DIXON (Annie Sprinkle) playing a Frog-prince to Ange while she sleeps. Andy is a psychedelic hot and horny little conspirator beneath his frog disguise. Jody is now accustomed and slightly adjusted to the routine of Ange's lifestyle. She began dating some of Ange's wealthier clients. Under Ange's hawk-eyed guidance she was allowed to savor a little of everything during a session with a well known football hero. (Little did she know she was being groomed for what fate had in store for her!)

J.JAY NORRIS, Ange's confidant found himself caught up in her sadomasochistic games only to lose his true sexual identity. Only during one of his client's bag-tight sessions with the inventive JOAN JAFFE (Bambi Deer) do we see his lustful craving for degradation. This scene will arouse more than your curiosity about worshippers of mental and physical bondage.

Realizing how well Jody liked J.Jay, Ange sets up the elements for an ultimate trap for her orphan. While overseeing An~e upon an altar degrading J.Jay, Jody becomes sexually excited at the "mistress and slave" game, that was to capture her erotic fate. After witnessing Ange's libido of madness she runs to rescue J.Jay. Ange eagerly awaits for her moment of triumph as she watches J.Jay turn the coin of fate on Jody.

Jody, trusting J.Jay's lethal smile of temptation submits her body to his physical torture. Angel fights in mental agony to understand the convictions that are being so heavily thrust upon her. J.Jay, now at the peak of his sadistic pleasure realizes there is only one way to conquer his and Ange's evil lust. (Not since "Behind The Green Door", has there been a torture-tease scene so seductively filmed).

Screaming for mercy and fighting viciously with a raping fourteen inch fist, breaking the chains holding her she escapes J.Jay and Ange's dungeon of perversions. Refusing to return she finds herself working the lonely streets of New York, turning tricks. J.Jay tired of Ange s antics leaves her domain and starts searching for Angel. He approaches two hookers on the avenue inquiring about Jody Angel.

After admitting his sincere lust for a mistress, Jody reveals her desire for a Sir. Was J.Jay and Angel's relationship tied together by mental and physical bondage? You be the judge!
Call Me Angel, Sir (1976) 

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