Baroness Nica (1972)

Baroness Nica (1972)
Genre: S&M
Country: USA | Director: Unknown
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 57mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 720x544 - 499mb

Starring: Gabriel, John Seeman, Jonathan Younger

The title role actress is unknown, and we don't even get to see her face beneath a black leather fetish mask. But she is fairly amazing, dishing out punishment to her wimpy male slave, his body covered with convincing scars and welts, while she delivers verbal humiliation and barks orders in a contrasting and surprisingly soothing & sexy voice. She's constantly massaging and feeling her victims in a sensual manner throughout the film -an amazing yin/yang contrast of softness with viciousness.

To keep the movie interesting, Nica's activities are cross-cut with two other areas of activity. In one setting we have John Seeman, seduced by his convincingly underage looking daughter Angela, who trades in her lollipop for his dick to suck on. Usually aiming for comedy, Seeman is quite convincing as the befuddled parent, and it all adds up to a classic vignette of screen incest.

The other sequence represents probably the most challenging role of journeyman Black porn actor Jonathan Younger's career. He appeared in the horrible s&m exercise THE AGONY OF LACE LASH AND LOVE but nothing prepared me for his role here.

He's paired with an underage looking blonde girl with pigtails, who humps Younger every way but loose. She later declares "I have to pee" and without further ado both she and Younger let loose what seems like gallons of urine, covering both their bodies and faces. Their kinky sex together continues, but the image of Younger just soaking wet is pretty shocking.

In the main event, when Nica is through mistreating her slave guy, he dresses up in drag and she lovingly applies his makeup. Nicole is a bored girl who was referred to Nica for "help" and soon the Baroness is giving her a dose of the medicine she meted out to her slave. Difference here is that after chaining up Nicole and whipping her mercilessly Nica gets turned on and a lesbian sex scene ensues. A black guy named Dave arrives and Nica has him mistreat Nicole, starting with shoving an oversize cucumber in her vagina. This was all pretty novel kinkiness back in 1972.

Seeman shows up at Nica's surprisingly serene looking suburban home (from the outside), ready to take his punishment after confessing his incestuous behavior. Nica is only too willing to oblige, putting a dog collar on Seeman, screaming insults at him, and then having a female slave deep throat him. Seeman then gets to hump the Baroness and the hour-long feature ends after Dave ejaculates on Nicole's breasts.

The final reel sop to straight-porn fans does not negate the strong stuff of earlier segments, and even jaded XXX fans will likely be surprised by the overall cruel nature of this film. It's rough and ready cinema, lacking in technique and film school niceties, but it's that raw power that makes disreputable material like BARONESS NICA work. 
Baroness Nica (1972)

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