Hot Lunch (1978) Howard Perkins

Hot Lunch (1978)
Country: USA | Director: Howard Perkins
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 81mn
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Starring: Desiree Cousteau, Christine DeShaffer, Sharon Kane, Bonnie Holiday, Juliet Anderson, Anita Grimes, Jane Lindsay, Brigit Olson, Dorothy Smight, Jon Martin, Paul Roman, William Niles

Naïve country bumpkin Andrew (likable Jon Martin) gets fired from his job working at a diner. Worse yet, his unfaithful wife Lisa (luscious Dorothy Smight) wants a divorce, so his lawyer Luana (an appealing portrayal by the buxom and fetching Christine De Shaffer) gets Andrew a new job as an encyclopedia salesman so he can pay the legal fees for said divorce. Moreover, Andrew's sincere and clumsy manner makes him a surprise hit with the ladies.

Director John Hayes, working from a blithely lowbrow script by George Price, relates the entertaining story at a zippy pace, maintains an amiable lighthearted tone throughout, and milks a sizable amount of laughs from the amusing sense of cheerfully dippy humor. In addition, it's acted with considerable zeal by an enthusiastic cast, with especially lively contributions from Brigit Olsen as aggressive sales manager Gloria, Desiree Cousteau as the sassy Salome, Mandy Ashley as the repressed Hathaway, Bonnie Holiday as the lusty Rita, Sharon Kane as shameless hooker Unis, and Juliet Anderson as foulmouthed lesbian Toni.

The sex scenes are quite sizzling, with a set piece between Andrew and Gloria doing just what you think in front of a fireplace standing out as a true erotic highlight. Elton Fuller's sparkling cinematography makes effective use of sensuous soft focus. The frothy score by Paul Vargas keeps things bubbling along. Worth a watch for fans of 70's Golden Age adult fare.

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