Girls in the Band (1976) Andrea Scott

Girls in the Band (1976)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA Director: Andrea Scott
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 65mn
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Starring: John Holmes, Keith Erickson, Spring Finley, Ken Scudder, Valerie Franklin, Oscar Wild, Toni Scott, Nancy Perelmann, Jodi Thorpe, Melba Bruce, Herbert Wong, Abigail Clayton, Ray Wells, Jon Elder, Mei Ling Chan

Keith Erickson, the Michael Keaton of porn, hams it up through THE GIRLS IN THE BAND, a dumb porn comedy that is more freewheeling' than most. The spirit of Robert Downey Senior (PUTNEY SWOPE, etc.) influenced this and many other porn productions, since they were all technically in the same indie boat.

With a very fake rug and phony beard Keith plays a man-on-the street WXXW TV news interviewer, sort of the West Coast equivalent to the Shaun Costello NYC performances of this period. His patter isn't funny, just silly. Via guerrilla style filmmaking, he's covering New Year's Eve celebrations and a New Year's Day parade, in what was likely a 2-day wonder.

John Holmes is his technical assistant but only shows up briefly in the film -he had to hump and run.. Servicing John are several women, notably Abigail Clayton at a sloppy orgy. Keith hires a Black security guard to watch over his news van, but the guy poses as a big shot to facilitate some mixed-combo action with a blonde news groupie.

Plenty of recognizable Frisco porn talent make the scene, including Miss frizzy hair herself, Toni Scott and the beautiful, unsung redhead Spring Finlay. It's all about killing time, running time that is.

The title is of course a parody of the popular homosexual-themed play turned Wm. Friedkin movie THE BOYS IN THE BAND, already ripped off by a landmark gay porn film BOYS IN THE SAND.
Girls in the Band (1976)

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