Hillbilly Honeymoon (1971)

Hillbilly Honeymoon (1971)
aka Bride's Delight
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA Director: Unknown
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 52mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 720x480 - 611mb

Starring: Andy Bellamy, Kathy Hilton, Sue Peters, Terri Johnson, John Keith, William Howard, Jack King

Ralph and Nellie Granger are a couple of good-natured yokels who apparently win a free trip to Hollywood for their honeymoon. Even better, upon their arrival they are approached by a mysterious ad executive who tells them they have been invited to tour a Hollywood movie studio. Dialing up the number of the proffered production house, they are ordered by a fat producer to get their asses down to the studio on the double.

Arriving at "Classy Sex Studios," the couples have doubts about the tawdry-looking, back alley operation, but decide to explore further. They enter an anteroom full of lounging nudes and are accosted by the studio head, obviously the beneficiary of some elaborate scheme to supply him with fresh, young talent. "Get your clothes off and get ready to go to work," he orders the Dogpatch duo, offering to pay them $100 a head. Psyched at the prospect of such easy money, Ralph proposes to Nellie that they give it a go: "It's not like we haven't made love before. We just haven't done it in front of other people."

From that point forward, the narrative is fairly perfunctory. Ralph and Nellie strip down and watch a couple of hippies getting groovy on a bedspread while a cameraman mans a trusty Bolex. After an award-winning oral performance, the bumpkins are ordered to hit the sheets and show the city slickers how they do it down in Dixie. The two roll around in soft-core rapture (can't say as I never saw Ralph get his corncob hard). Then the producer orders Ralph to get it on with the hippy chick while Nellie and the hippy's beau watch from the sidelines with a couple of tallboys. Ralph and his hippy honey are finally ordered to rejoin the pair for the prerequisite orgy sequence and the four frolic in the flesh until the film runs out. In their hotel room later that evening, Nellie practices her newfound oral talents on Jethro's joint.

In addition to an appealingly over-the-top Li'l Abner routine by soft-core stalwart John Keith, Hillbilly Honeymoon (also released under the title The Bride's Delight) is relatively adept in the technical department: camera, sound recording and lighting are all for the mast part serviceable and the film contains a few flourishes above and beyond the call of duty. An unusual diffraction effect offers a "fly's eye" view of one cunnilingual exercise while a slo-mo ejaculation sequence capitalizes nicely on a very tactile oral performance on the part of Sue Peters, another West Coast porn habitué who absolutely revels in scum sucking. Although necessarily altered for this DVD release (hey, take it up with our attorneys!), much of the film's original soundtrack was scored with Beatles muzak (!) as well as elevator versions of "Blue Velvet" and "Our Day Will Come."
Hillbilly Honeymoon (1971)

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