The Tale of Tiffany Lust (1981) Gérard Kikoïne & Radley Metzger

The Tale of Tiffany Lust (1981)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA | Director: Gérard Kikoïne & Radley Metzger
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 86mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 1003mb

Starring: Veronica Hart, Desiree Cousteau, Vanessa del Rio, Samantha Fox, George Payne, Misty Regan, Radio Listener, Ron Jeremy, Dave Ruby, David Christopher, Ron Hudd, Roy Stuart, Candida Royalle

Florence Nightingale (Vanessa Del Rio) has the hottest show in New York. She teaches bored house-wives how to lose weight; with fellatio for instance. In her well-booked seminaries she sometimes gets banged up the bum and the audience gets to make suggestions and gets to live out their dreams on stage. She even lets women have a go at her pussy and ensures a merry mood at this adult education venture. The participants test their new-found knowledge in every-day life and unhesitatingly grope their sexually frustrated friends.

This minor classic from adult cinema's Golden Age is long overdue for re-appreciation. Jointly directed by revered French porno filmmaker Gérard Kikoïne (PARTIES FINES a/k/a EDUCATION OF THE BARONESS) and the usually uncredited "Henry Paris" a/k/a Radley Metzger (THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN), it was casually discarded by reviewers upon its initial release yet stands as an interesting hybrid of its authors wildly divergent styles : a mixture of dainty elegance and down 'n' dirty sex.

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