Rendezvous with Anne (1976) Lowell Pickett

Rendezvous with Anne (1976)
Country: USA Director: Lowell Pickett
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 88mn
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Starring: Keri Carpenter, Lisa Troy, Cazander Zim, Lou Mann, Mark McDonough, Stephen Wilcox, John Lebete, Jim Hayne Bradie, Crystal Slim, Valerie Dunan, John Seeman, Jeffry Lowery, Dianne Galke, Moira Benson, Chris Sanhan

San Francisco Airport. Anne Stewart is paged. Three young girls show up at the counter, but the page is for a fourth Anne, an old lady. The girls have arrived for two weeks in the city by the bay, and over lunch, they remark about the odd coincidence and agree to meet again later to exchange vacation stories. Their different adventures provide the plot.

Annie from Phoenix is played by beautiful blonde Keri Carpenter. She meets a hip artist, poses for him and gets involved later in a very tender, dialogue-filled lesbian affair at her boarding house. The second Anne (lovely brunette Lisa Troy) has returned to try to patch things with her former lover. Before they get to the room filled with roses, she helps a rejected homosexual find a new sexual experience, in a very well constructed scene. Anne from Chicago is a frustrated mess, visiting in-laws after finding her husband to be unfaithful. The typical San Francisco orgy provides relief for her tensions and frees her puritanistic views on sex.

This Lowell Pickett cult classic has a lot going for it. An arty jazz score, a little tribute to Tennessee Williams, erotic build-up to the sex scenes, no overindulgence of graphic genitalia close-ups and not one single external cum shot. Many people complain about spurting ejaculations all over the place. Others want more. It is a producer's dilemma, but the trend of the eighties is to tone them down somewhat. This film made in 1973, is one of the few that does not use them. Overlook some weak acting moments and enjoy some artistic, erotic, tender sex scenes. The film holds up better today than nearly all the efforts of the era.
Rendezvous with Anne (1976)

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