Savage Lust (1975)

Savage Lust (1975)
Genre: Crime
Country: USA Director: Unknown
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 59mn
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 - 560x416 - 1.08gb

Starring: Judy DeWitt, Gabriel, Mick Jones, Mimi Morgan, Paul Scharf, Joey Silvera

It’s a great day for a hike!" exclaims one of three babes on California’s McClures Beach, little realizing that some Savage Lust awaits them. As Miss Hiker strolls away, the remaining two dolls are spied on by a black & white pair of scumbags who think it’s a great day for a rape. The more sensitive of the scumbags momentarily balks: "Just because they’re nude, that doesn’t mean they want to fuck!"

But since it would be such a shame to let such nubile wenches go to waste, they drop down to the beach and hogtie and rape the two gals, one of whom is the monkey-titted MIMI MORGAN who really knows how to get raped in a porno film.

Meanwhile, the sweetie who went hiking runs into roving photographer JOEY SILVERA, who shoots a load of film of her before shooting a load of spunk on her.

Afterwards, Joey rescues the two bound beach bunnies and takes them to his pad, knowing they’ll be impressed with his giant foot-long dildo. But — whoops!—the gals turn the tables, tie the stud up and rape him.
Savage Lust (1975)

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