Separate Vacations (1970)

Separate Vacations (1970)
Country: USA | Director: Unknown
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 53mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 720x546 - 791mb

Starring: Suzanne Fields, Kathy Hilton

"It sure isn’t like it used to be" for an old coot and his young, dark, and sultry wife (KATHY HILTON). She locks her luscious lips on his geriatric joystick and then sits on it but, no, "that old feeling" is gone. So they agree to take Separate Vacations.

The old fart wastes no time in zeroing on the lovely SUZANNE FIELDS whom he fondles at poolside, rubs tanning oil over, then tries to jam. But Suzanne gets the jitters and runs off — no doubt to another porno movie.

But when he picks up a pretty hippie chick and brings her home, the old geezer has more luck — which rhymes with suck and fuck. Meanwhile, Miss Hilton has likewise picked up a stud (who looks like a porn version of Quentin Tarantino) and brings him home to another room in the house for a little ham slamming.

Two orgasms later, everyone emerges from their respective rooms and hubby and wife are shocked to find each other "vacationing" at home: "What the hell are you doing here!?" they cry in unison. The porn classic for dirty old men and a precise 8.5 on Pervo’s Hilton-happy peckermeter.
Separate Vacations (1970)

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