Dream Girls (1986) Edwin Brown

Dream Girls (1987)
Country: USA | Director: Edwin Brown
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 69mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 576x432 - 885mb

Starring: Amber Lynn, Candie Evens, Sahara, Taija Rae, Kristara Barrington, Melissa Melendez, Nina Hartley, Paula Harlow, Alexis Greco, Francois, Jamie Gillis , Jason Riley, Tom Byron, Tony Martino

This was esteemed adult filmmaker Edwin Brown/Durell's first foray into shot on video territory and he brought a comparable level of professionalism regarding such matters as lighting and editing that had distinguished earlier 35mm classics like IRRESISTIBLE and EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY. It looks slightly dated now (not to mention, at times, oh so eighties) but was light years ahead of the competition circa 1987.

The setup is simple and a perfect lead-in to the five very well done erotic vignettes. Porn veteran Jamie Gillis muses on the virtues of fantasy girls as an escape from reality or as companions for the lonely guy sitting at home. Sultry teacher Melissa Melendez (Barbara the Lobster Woman from Alex De Renzy's sidesplitting DR. PENETRATION) gives high school kid Tony (later Chuck) Martino exactly what he's been craving during detention. A magical magnifying glass brings a foursome of sexy centerfolds (bouncy Taija Rae, Oriental beauty Kristara Barrington, uncredited Paula Harlow and the spectacularly underrated Alex Greco) to life for horny teen Tom Byron. A gym fantasy has muscular Belgian export (no, not Jean-Claude Van Damme) Fran├žois Papillon groping busty hard body Candie Evans. Club singer Amber Lynn is the object of audience member Tim Fairbanks' heated imaginings. Finally, Gillis gets to strut his stuff when a meter maid (black beauty Sahara who should have been a much bigger star) drags him off to court where stern judge Nina Hartley condemns him for "carrying a concealed erection" !

High voltage humping with a then major league cast fills the bill rather well. Every scene's a keeper, the first two being my personal favorites of the lot. Add to that an original, song-filled soundtrack that's not half bad and you have got a surefire winner on your hands. This flick deserves to become a permanent fixture in the private stash of the most discerning video voyeur.

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