Die wilden Lüste meiner Schulfreundinnen (1984) Pit Brinkmann

Die wilden Lüste meiner Schulfreundinnen (1984)
aka Manntolle Teenager
Country: West Germany Director: Pit Brinkmann
Language: German | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 79mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 738x574 - 1.24gb
Starring: Sissy Harler, Gabi Schindler, Diddi Korner, Monika Felix, Alban Ceray, Fanny Davis, Ricco Baumgart, Romana Steiger, Kaminskym Bert, Ria von Berg, Sascha Atzenbeck, Jürgen Bigalkes, Christa Ludwig, Hermann Michala, Hans Kurt Preuss

The plot seems to be that a blonde (XNK1589) returns to her old town to stay with old friends. She knocks on the door of a house but gets no answer as the couple inside (Alban Ceray and curly-haired brunette, XNK1590) are having sex. So she drives off and visits old haunts, daydreaming of past events (of a sexual nature) at various points. (This is an excuse for using archive footage.)

She has to stop at a railway level crossing and a man (non-sex) pulls up alongside in his car. Cue daydream - a blonde (XNK1591) in the bath, a man (similar looking to car driver) walks in, retreats, then she joins him in the bedroom - b/g.

A blonde female cyclist (XNK1592, non-sex) pulls up next to her car - cue daydream of a brunette (XNK0819) masturbating, then b/g (a different girl XNK1594, red nightie, man with a moustache).

The blonde visits her old school - it must be the holidays as it is empty, she walks in, wanders round the corridors, laboratories and classrooms.

Daydream - two girls, brunette (XNK1595) and blonde (Christa Ludwig) seduce their chemistry teacher in the lab.

The original blonde goes into the geography room. Flashback, b/g scene, a girl with light brown hair (XNK1597), a young man with a moustache (domestic setting, b/g on black sofa).

Flashback - a curly blonde (XNK1598) b/g on bed.

Flashback - a brunette (XNK1599, Tshirt, blue and white narrow horizontal stripes, red heart transfer on left cheek), black-haired man with red jacket and white bow tie and white shirt.

The original blonde now in a classroom chair masturbating. Flashback - young brunette (Heidi) caught masturbating by slightly older (?) woman (20s?), XNK0822, leading to g/g scene.

Now at the teacher's desk she has a flashback of a brunette (XNK1602) masturbating on a white sofa, caught by young man with moustache - b/g.

The original blonde caught masturbating by man in blue jeans and white top - b/g on teacher's desk.

She then gets back in the car and goes to try Alban's house again. On the way she sees a girl (curly brunette, familiar, XNK1603) watching a couple of bikers riding over some waste ground. Cue another flashback - the brunette and a boy on a dark sofa in a loft apartment.

The blonde arrives back at Alban's house and is greeted by female from balcony. She is welcomed in, g/g in bathroom. All three have dinner, then a threesome in bedroom.
Die wilden Lüste meiner Schulfreundinnen (1984)

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