Les Lolos de la Garagiste (1997) Alain Payet

Les Lolos de la Garagiste (1997)
Country: France | Director: Alain Payet
Language: French | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 90mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 696x564 - 1.93gb

Starring: Draghixa, Elodie Chérie, Estelle, Nathalie Hormes, Zarah Zouina, Eric Weiss, Jean-Yves Lecastel, Piotr Stanislas, Jean-Paul Bride, Alain L'Yle

1. Elodie is the manager of a gas station, with a waste ground full of carwrecks. She starts the movie by fucking with E.Weiss in the kitchen of her trailer.

2. Her mecanic JY-Lecastel have sex with a costumer, Zarah Zouina, in a boat in the waste ground. P.Stanislas, playing a naked flasher in a black raincoat, joins them for the dp.

3. Estelle gets lost in the waste ground and falls into JP-Bride. He does his usual stuff involving an ajustable spanner and a peach stone, until JY-Lecastel come to fuck her.

4. In another part of the ground, Nathalie Hormes have sex with a black boxer. P.Stanislas appears, the boxer run away and P.Stanislas fuck her in the ass.

5. Finally Estelle find Draghixa in a mobile home. They start licking her other, E.Weiss arrive later for the anal sex.

6. On her departure, Estelle run into P.Stanislas. He corners her in a warehouse. There is a threesome with JY-Lecastel (anal).

7. Elodie ends the movie with A.Lyle (a costumer) and P.Stanislas (dp).
Les Lolos de la Garagiste (1997) 

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