Dangerous Stuff (1985) Cecil Howard

Dangerous Stuff (1985)
Country: USA Director: Cecil Howard
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 76mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 576x432 - 971mb

Starring: Angel, Eric Edwards, Renee Summers, Robert Kerman, Tiffany Clark, Robin Everett, Annette Heinz, Taija Rae, David Scott

Jerry, who drinks, loves Lanie, a rich, beautiful cock-teaser. Their story is explicitly enacted before a live audience. The curtain rises as Jerry tries to talk Lanie into getting him off -- by phone! Furious, she rejects him. He's heartbroken. He decides to hang himself, for revenge. As he clumsily ties a noose around his neck, his life, which has been lusty, flashes before his eyes. The audience groans as girl after fabulous wet girl appears. It's an orgy of titillation. Jerry sees Suzanne, his virgin sister, as a nubile teenybopper, in an outrageous seduction on the family sofa with "Uncle" Jack! He relives a kinky scene with Lanie, who really goes wild for rubber! Then there's Rita, a superheated pro who eats up her work. Or blonde, delicious Madelaine, the girl who opens up to Jerry under the Hollywood stars. Near melting, Jerry takes us to an underground sex club where a platinum dominatrix and a busty sex slave drown his sorrows in the hottest foursome ever. Nasty memories prick every appetite as the plot thickens. Will Lanie learn to love men? Will Jerry take the final plunge? Taped in secret and suppressed for months, DANGEROUS STUFF is a revolution in live erotic entertainment. Don't dare miss it!

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