A Day in the Life of... The Cosmopolitan Girls (1981) Roger Watkins

A Day in the Life of the Cosmopolitan Girls (1981)
aka The Cosmopilitan Girl
Country: USA | Director: Roger Watkins
English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 78mn
Vhsrip Xvid Avi -720x480 - 752mb

Starring: Lisa Be, Marilyn Gee, Ron Hudd, Rick Iverson, Ron Jeremy, Tamara Lynne, Miranda Stevens, Anna Turner, Matt West

The film is about a modeling agency and the girls working there.

Three New York girls get up in the morning, take showers, dress, and head off to work, as a harmonica version of Nat Adderly's Work Song plays on the soundtrack. One is a lady dentist, one is an office receptionist for Ron Jeremy, and one is a lingerie model. From here on the film intercuts among the day's sexual adventures of our three principals

The dentist (who looks a bit like Bebe Neuwirth) fantasizes about having sex in the chair with patient Michael Gaunt. Her receptionist is Lisa Be (another brunette!). Over to Ron's receptionist (mop-haired brunette in a red tank top), who is talking dirty on the phone when Ron comes in. Ron goes into his office and finds a blonde hooker sitting at his desk ready to go to work.Ron obliges and throws her an anal, while in the outer office our receptionist hears what's going on and masturbates.

Over in the garment district, our slim, curly-haired girl #3 is trying on lingerie, along with busty brunette Marilyn Gee. Over to Lisa Be at the dentist's, where she has a nooner with Ron Hudd, the delivery boy who brings her lunch. Ron's receptionist's boyfriend shows up to take her to lunch, and they do it in the elevator. Back at lingerie central, our two models get into a threesome with a sleazy buyer in a leisure suit. Over in the dentist's office, our DDS strips and makes it with her next patient.

Evening arrives and our three girls go home, undress and get on their beds and masturbate -- one with fingers, one with a dildo, and one with one of those giant bat-size vibrators that Roy Stuart is so fond of. In a shameless exercise in padding the run time, the solo footage is intercut with reprise snippets of each girl's sexual adventures of the day past.

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