Moto Girl (1980) Pierre Unia

Moto Girl (1980)
aka Moto Girl: une petite chatte sur un engin brûlant
Country: France Director: Pierre Unia
Language: French | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.66:1 | Length: 77mn
Vhsrip H264 Mkv - 866x570 - 772mb
Starring: Céline Gallone, Elisabeth Buré, Marie-Pierre Barathon, Nicole Segaud, Sylvie Schwartz, Christian Loussert, Claude Valmont, Guy Berardant, Guy Royer, Madou Sall, Jean-Pierre Kipré

Aude works as a photographer on the set of an X-rated western. The first scene features Guy Royer with Christian Loussert and a third man who is also the director. Royer shoots himself and the two others rape Nicole Segaud in front of her husband Claude Valmont. End of the filming, everyone stops work. Chris, an actor, has a crush on Aude who doesn't seem interested. She leaves the set on her beloved motorbike while Chris races her on a horse. At home, she lies on her bike and masturbates.

At his home, Chris tries to phone Aude but she's busy talking with her bike and he fantasizes about her in his bath. His caretaker's wife, Annie, has a crush on him and decides to try her luck. She knocks at his door. As he complains of back pain she suggests massage, which leads to sex. But Chris's thoughts stay on Aude and Annie is aware of it.

Anyway, Chris tells her he is an actor in erotic films and offers her a part in the film being shot. She accepts although afraid that her husband might hear about it. Aude dials Chris's number but changes her mind and hangs up.

The following scene shows Aude shooting photos of Sonia (Nicole Ségaud) in a sex scene with an actor. Chris is there too and she asks him whether he fancies Sonia. He answers that he doesn't and they leave the couple to their scene, though it is interrupted by a phone call from Aude (which doesn't make any sense...)

Back to the filming. Claude Valmont lands in a helicopter and catches his 'wife' played by Annie busy with two actors. He threatens them and Annie ends up caught between him and Chris while filmed by the third. Aude notices that Chris and Annie know one another and seems jealous. She smokes a joint with a technician and leaves on her bike. Nervous that she might have an accident, the technician tells Chris who steps into the helicopter and follows her...

Chris phones Aude to suggest a drink together. She turns him down, lights another joint and starts telling him the reason why her bike is her only love. The previous year, she had been in Africa for her newspaper. As she was shooting about without permission, she was taken to the hotel manager (Madou Sall) and the interview turned to a threesome with him and his secretary and future wife (Elisabeth Buré). Her bike was taken from her and she was taken to a sorcerer in a hut on an island. Of course, she had sex with him too (and with his girlfriend by the way). Now, Aude feels ashamed of her behaviour. Chris tells her she shouldn't and while she keeps on speaking on the phone, he walks from the phone box and goes to her flat nearby. They fall into one another's arms at last.

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