Clinique pour soins très spéciaux (1980) Alain Payet

Clinique pour soins très spéciaux (1980)
aka La doctoresse est une salope
aka L'infirmiere au minou rase
aka Anal Hospital
Country: France | Director: Alain Payet (as John Love)
Language: French | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 75mn 
Vhsrip H264 Mkv - 730x576 - 753mb

Starring: Barbara Moose, Désiré Bastareaud, Jean-Pierre Armand, Élodie Delage, Mika Barthel, Cyril Val, Sylvie Chaput, Véronique Cappelaro, Lucie Doll, Sophie Duflot, Linda Dull, Hubert Géral, Gil Lagardère, Alain Payet, Jean Rollin

Jean-Claude is busy in bed with Lucie Doll when her husband pops in after his day's work, and sends him to hospital. From now on, we forget all ideas of a story since there will be none. Just a series of short 'vaudevillesque' scenes. So we are treated with various objects and situations such as: Cyril Val (Docteur Rollin) trying to perform enema on every hole he can approach; a very caring nurse Sophie Duflot who also happens to be the Head Doctor's little darling-of-a-nurse and assistant, and teaches a pussy how to smoke with Elodie Delage who comes across a squeaking penis in a corridor.

Sophie Duflot performs her duty on an inanimate Jean-Claude. Then Dr Rollin, pretending he is the said patient, has it off with nurse Barbara Moose while Jean-Claude is lying on the floor. 

Then the dwarf also tries to pretend he is the young patient, also wrapping his head in bandages, but the blowsy blonde nurse (XNK2298) who sucks his penis is not who he was hoping for.

An enema scene is performed on XNK2299. Just too bad the sound is fake!!! Head Doctor (Jean Rollin indeed?) and a plump girl (big ass!). This ass definitely needed to be examined. Slim Mika has her pussy shaved and occupied by Dr Rollin. Barbara Moose's golden rain falls onto Cyril Val's shaved head. Barbara Moose pumping iron in the gym room, soon joined by Elodie Delage and eventually inundated by Jean-Pierre Armand. To make it short, three nurses (one is a male) in a gym-room.

Barbara Moose successfully awakens Jean-Claude who immediately tries his regained energy on her. Very good scene but for that soundtrack! Not to be missed : her 'gulping' eyes as he comes into her tight mouth. Final orgy by the pool. Two more unknowns (one for Désiré Bastareaud). Lots of action everywhere.

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