Teenage Van Dolls (1978) Bob Kirk

Teenage Van Dolls (1978)
aka Van Dolls
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA Director: Bob Kirk
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 60mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 704x528 - 1.33gb

Starring: Mandy Ashley, Marlene Munroe, Liza Dwyer, Jesse Adams, Jonathan Younger, Bob Bernharding, Jon Martin, Mike Horner, Richard Pacheco

Van Dolls follows a trio of gals as they prowl the streets of Marin County in their yellow, tan-sized van, trolling for choad. Their perverted prayers are answered by porn grunt JESSE ADAMS and two other yahoos, who invite the Dolls back to their pad for some afternoon delight.

Two of the Dolls double team the Token Black Guy ("I never fucked a black guy before!""0h, mama, come over here! Now’s your chance!"), sticking the third gal with a mustachioed freak who resembles Zandor Vorkov. Jesse, meanwhile, scurries off to another room where he puts the screws to his blonde roommate: "Feels good! Tastes good!"

"What a trip, meeting those guys!" the Dolls gush upon returning home. "Get that freshly-fucked look off your face," advises one Doll upon the return of their allegedly steady boyfriends, MIKE HORNER, JON MARTIN, and RICHARD PACHECO. Under the pretense of dinner, the boys ball the Dolls in different rooms of the house. (The scene with Martin and his Doll takes place in some kid’s bedroom which is full of stuffed animals. Creepy.) Done boning, the boys pull the old fuckand-run routine and go bowling. Not to worry, thoughts the Dolls promptly hit the road again: "Let’s go back across the Bay! That was at least a good time!"

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