Derrière le miroir sans tain (1982) Jean-Claude Roy

Derrière le miroir sans tain (1982)
aka Désirs de femmes
aka Behind the 2 Way Mirror
Country: France Director: Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin)
Language: French | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.66:1 | Length: 79mn
Vodrip H264 Mkv - 866x590 - 1.24gb

Starring: Cathy Ménard, Carole Piérac, Isabelle Brel, Dominique Aveline, Emmanuelle Berdier, Alban Ceray, Hubert Géral

Sam is an author. His publisher wants him to write an erotic book. Unfortunately he has no imagination. To get some stimulation he watches a porn video together with his wife Agnès. Agnès's girlfriend Françoise joins them and describes an amorous adventure she has experienced recently:

A young man stands in front of her while she's sitting on a bed reading a book. He undoes his pants and starts wanking. Turned on by him she stimulates herself. He can't stand it any longer and ejaculates on her pussy and her leg.

Sexed-up by the story Sam, Agnès and Françoise participate in a threesome.

To get some more ideas they decide to install a turntable bed in their flat which they view through a two-way mirror. Françoise inaugurates their private peepshow first. 'Live on stage' she has sex with a busty black girl. While Sam watches them through a window he gets a blowjob from Agnès.

Next Agnès and Françoise change places. Agnès gets banged by two male 'guests' and Françoise satisfies Sam orally. Lesbian sex and another threesome follow. In a very short sequence Agnès gives two guys a blowjob.

A new girl (Cathy Menard) appears. She has sex with Françoise joined by Agnès and Sam later on. After having a good sleep they continue. Sam stands beside the bed which turns round slowly. Kneeling on the bed the three girls suck his cock in turn. Really hot scene!

When Françoise and Agnès entertain a new 'guest' the black girl returns. Accompanied by Sam she joins the others. Acquiring a taste for it she serves two male 'guests' in the last scene. One of them cums on her back while the other one jerks off on her shoulder.

A rather amusing, never boring movie including four beautiful actresses and a lot of varied action.

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