French Satisfaction (1983) Michel Jean

French Satisfaction (1983)
aka Parfums de lingeries intimes
aka Hôtesses très spéciales
Country: France | West Germany Director: Michel Jean
Language: French | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 70mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv  - 762x576 - 1.33gb

Starring: Sophie Granier, XNK0127, Diane Dubois, Elisabeth Buré, Laura Clair, Marianne Wäckerle, Barbara Von Staten, Agnès Ardant, Martine Capellaro, Alban Ceray, Gabriel Pontello, XUnknow, Richard Lemievre, Jacques Gateau, Zambo

Note: The director, Michel Jean, is listed at IMDb as an aka for Michel Caputo (although many believe that Jean and Caputo were different men.)

French Satisfaction starts when Alban and Pontello steal a lot of money from a bank. The money is then given to a kind of business called Gilbert. When Alban is caught by the police and goes to jail, Diane Dubois, the Judge, has the idea to send him a cellmate which is in fact a cop, Jacques Gateau. Jack tries to know where the money is hidden but Alban never speaks about this and after a while, with no evidence of the theft, Alban gets out of jail. He then goes back to his girlfriend's apartment and sees Pontello screwing her, he gets even by hitting him with a baseball bat, then he goes to see his ex-girlfriend, Laura Clair, eludes the cops in a car chase and visits Gilbert to get is money back. Gilbert explains he has'nt got the money any more but instead gives diamonds. They have then sex with two "friends" (foursome with Barbara Von Staten and Marianne Wäckerle, both german since this movie is a co-production between France and Germany, as one back cover states this in the ad-blurb). Gilbert also gave an advice to Alban : since Pontello screwed his wife, why should Alban give him his money back and instead offers a wallet full of fake bills. Jack Gatteau, who appears to be a crook, steals the cash and tries to skip town and is caught at the airport by Richard Lemievre. That ends French Satisfaction.

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Unknown said...

Looks like 11 minutes were cut. Both iafd and imdb list this as 81 minutes.

NLZ said...

Because it's the Alpha France dvd

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