Strangers When We Mate (1973) Walt Davis

Strangers When We Mate (1973)
Country: USA Director: Walt Davis
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 56mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 712x540 - 1.11gb

Starring: Becky Sharpe, John Holmes, Carla Crabbe, Joannie Bunns, B.J. Dyke, Ric Lutze, George Peters, Heywood Hymen IV

The ultimate porno stud/sex freak is back with his fourteen-inch flesh spear in another Bucky Double Feature that will have you wondering just how anyone ever survived the seventies.

Strangers When We Mate kicks off with a newspaper ad: "Group Sex — 7 Persons Per Group — Complete Sexual freedom Guaranteed!" Among the lucky seven we see gathered at the home of Horace Freud" (who talks like Peter Lorre) are JOHN HOLMES, RIC LUTZE, GEORGE PETERS, and BECKY SHARPE.

"What I need is a man who can rattle my teeth when he fucks me, "declares Miss Sharpe, stripping down to her go-go boots after sipping "a mild aphrodisiac." Big John comes to her rescue and promptly rattles her teeth, tits, and twat. Then a nameless pixie actress-wannabe "looking for a big part," gets one from the aptly named Mr. Peters. The ubiquitous Mr. Lutze is thus left with two gals, a blonde who’s got bigger jugs than Uschi, and a brunette who looks as startled as a stuck pig as she sits on Ric’s rod

Three cum shots later, the swingers all return to Freud’s living room for another nip of Spanish Fly when — whoops! Suddenly Ric Lutze, looking ten years older and a bit saggy, screws a zaftig brunette and a lovely blonde in a kitchen and motel room. Obviously, some kind of bizarre celluloid time warp has kicked in or, perhaps, the projectionist at the Dragon Art just discovered the joy of randomly splicing different movies together. Either way, there’s an unintentionally eerie comment on the human condition here but the Pervo bonermeter was going off at a whopping 8.5 and your humble Prince missed it.

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