Pornography: A Musical (1971) Ole Ege

Pornography: A Musical (1971)
aka Pornografi - en musical
Country: Denmark | Director: Ole Ege
Language: None | Subtitles: No need
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 53mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 586mb

Comprised of ten short films, including such silent Ole Ege gems as: The Dream Girl (1966), Harem, Spanking (1970), The Pornmodel Ilse (1969), The American Girl (1970) and The Jolly Shave (1964), Crazy Strip (1966), Three Lively Girls (1964), Group Sex (1969), Springtime in Tivoli (1969). All the shorts were shot when porn was illegal so there’s an added naughtiness to the proceedings. One thing that’s constant about Ege’s short-films is that none are at all completely tasteless and it’s apparent with his craftsmanship that Ege’s as much an artist as he is a pornographer. Yes, we are talking porn here.

Ege’s sense of humor is very evident in the shorts as well as his hunger for lingerie clad ladies and good old fashion S&M. Some of the lingerie the ladies wear in Crazy Strip(that they quickly dispose of) are downright goofy. From the goofy to the sultry. He then segues nicely into the very seductive The Dream Girl, which highlights a brunette lovely slowly teasing, smiling and eventually spreading to show her lady bits. It’s all very hot stuff and it's also 40 plus years old too!

The audio is all just added composed tunes but each film is fitted with the appropriate music. The picture quality is outstanding. The colors are rich and right on, with accurate flesh tones matching the many naked participants.

Pornographi really hits the mark in terms of quality retro-raunch. It’s fun, it’s sexy and looks damn good for a film that very well could have been lost or destroyed. 

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