Things Change (1973) Roger Marks

Things Change (1973)
aka The Big Switch
Genre: Drama
Country: USA | Director: Roger Marks
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 64mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 720x540 - 639mb

Starring: Orita De Chadwick, David Merrit, Maggie Williams, Jim Wiener, Geo Formatt

Sue (ORITA De CHADWICK) discovers that Things Change. Alas, the romance has gone out of Sue and Jim’s marriage and, despite her remembering "how it used to be" in a blistering Jim-jammin’ flashback, Sue is sulking at breakfast. Jim: "lf it’s about not balling you this morning, that’s a hell of a reason for looking like that!" Sue: "l guess I love you..." Jim: "Shit! I’m going to work!"

The phone man then shows up as Sue is fondling her blonde portal on the couch:"0h, sweet prince! What gift doth thou bearest?" "Where would you like the phone, ma’am?""Oh, Right here," says Sue, rubbing her twat. Instead, she settles for slurping his telephone pole.

Sue’s friend, Carol (MAGGIE WILLIAMS) is also in a rotten marriage. Despite Maggie munching Tom’s tool in another furious flashback, she’s still unsatisfied: "Take my husband, Tom. When he wants sex with me, all he says is, "Roll over, honey, I’m gonna shove it in your ass. It’s enough to turn a girl queer." To prove it, she and Sue get it on in Sue’s bedroom. But guess what? Jim and Tom are doing the same thing with each other in another bedroom! Yes, folks, the answer to a stale suburban marriage is to go homo!

The punchline? They all come out of their rooms at the same time: "Jim!" "Sue!""Tom!" "Carol!" The End!

But wait! There’s yet another version of the above film, an all-male (!), all-gay (!!) variation called The Young Switchers, which follows the exact same plot with almost the exact same dialogue!!! In fact, the guy who plays Tom in Things Change also plays the phone man in The Young Switchers and even wears the same godawful paisley shirt! Check out Dwight Pangborn’s pecker-friendly review of this glory-hole classic on page 125 of Blue Book 1 and compare it to the above. Only in the wacky world of porn...

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