Im Liebesnest der Hippiemädchen (1980) Hans Billian

Im Liebesnest der Hippiemädchen (1980)
Country: West Germany Director: Hans Billian
Language: German | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 79mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 720x576 - 1.28gb

Starring: Sascha Atzenbeck, Monika Sandmayr, Gisela Schwartz

Julia, a little over-sexed cutie, is living in the flat of her uncle (Herr Brockhoff). She has fallen in love with him but (for a while) he does not return her feelings. Jealously, she spys on him while he has sex with a pretty blonde. Back in her room she has nothing left but her dildo.

One night they catch a supposed burglar in the kitchen who turns out to be a cheeky hippie girl (Dolores). After taking a shower Dolores and the host lie down in the bathroom. She puts some shaving foam on his dick before he slips it into her love hole. Slowly she works her ass cheeks up and down his shaft while disappointed Julia gets herself off with a little help from two dildos.

The girl returns to her community and tells her fellow lodgers that she got 500 Deutschmarks from the guy. They start enjoying some groupsex as Felicitas (the runaway) gatecrashes the party. One guy sits down on her sister Anita's breasts and paints her face with his cum. Felicitas gets really into it as the boys start stroking and fucking her.

Romy, Anita and Felicitas visit the uncle. Romy and Anita give him some pleasure while Felicitas meets Julia in her room. The girls begin some gentle kissing before they move into 69 position licking up their juices. Next Felicitas pulls out a black strap-on dildo. She spreads Julia's legs wide and starts shoving it into her. They move to spoon position which looks really hot but it's much too brief. The other girls still keep the uncle in play.

The scene fades back to the community. Dolores is in bed with two guys as the others return home. She gets on top of the first guy for a ride. Felicitas puts her cunt right over his mouth. The guy starts eating her out as she pleases the second one orally. They do a nice foursome. The first guy pulls out and shoots his load on Dolores' cheeks as Felicitas gets quickly rewarded with a blast of cum on her lips.

To pass her entrance examination to the community Dolores must seduce uncle Brockhoff. She strips off in front of him until she's totally naked. He takes the opportunity to finger her wet pussy with his thumb. Then they position themselves to 69. Felicitas gets on top of him for a long reverse cowgirl ride. Afterwards they practise a variety of other positions. Meanwhile Julia gets fucked missionary by one guy as she sucks the other one.

The uncle, being alarmed by her moaning, catches Julia in the act. He realizes that it's better to take care of his niece. The girls look pleased and immediately start slipping their lips over his dick while he fingers them with his thumbs. Felicitas lowers herself onto him. Julia still keeps stroking his cock. From time to time she pulls out to make it disappear in her mouth. Eventually the girls change places. Julia takes a ride as she bends down to flick her tongue over her girlfriend's clit.

Uncle Brockhoff is a very inventive guy who doesn't rest in any position for long. He orders Felicitas to kneel down. Julia sits down on her back. He starts licking Felicitas' ass and Julia's pussy. Alternately he penetrates them with his hard cock. Finally he shoots his load on Julia's belly.

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