Flesh Factory (1971) Artie Mitchell

Flesh Factory (1971)
aka Inside the Flesh Factory
aka The Case of the Badgered Bagmakers
Genre: Mystery
Country: USA Director: Artie Mitchell
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 78mn
Vhsrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 1.09gb

Starring: Ingrid O'Rourke, Joanne May, Kim Strong, Mary Daniels, Monica Small, Pat Daniels, Sunny Waters, Bob Lincoln, Ed Davis, George S. McDonald, Phil Avery 

Bob, Ingrid, Ed, and Joanne do a 4-way with no cum-shots. Then they pour and smear Mazola oil all over each other and do another 4-way. The brunette gets a butt cum-shot from one of the guys, and there is no cum-shot for the blonde.

Kim starts to screw George, and then Phil joins in to make it a 3-way. Phil gives her a butt cum-shot, and there is no cum-shot from George.

Sunny screws George twice with no cum-shot either time in one room, inter-cut with Monica screwing Phil ending with a thigh cum-shot in another room.

Mary and Pat (I don't know who is who) perform fellatio on George and Phil with no cum-shots.

Either Mary or Pat screws Phil ending with a belly cum-shot and then screwing him again with no cum-shot in one room, inter-cut with either Mary or Pat screwing George with no cum-shot in another room.

Mary and Pat do a girl/girl.

Monica screws George with no cum-shot in one room, inter-cut with Sunny screwing Phil with no cum-shot in another room.

As is the case with most of these early Mitchell Brothers films, the girls are hippie chicks who were members of the group that ruled San Francisco at the time. All of them looked young and pretty, and most of them are in their 50's today.

Clips from this movie were featured in the "A&E City Confidential: Betrayal By The Bay" documentary on the Mitchell Brothers.

The George McDonald in this movie is not George S. McDonald who was in "Behind The Green Door". George S. McDonald was featured in the A&E documentary (credited as George McDonald). He screwed lots of San Francisco (Haight / Ashbury) hippie chicks both on and off screen.

This (supposedly 8mm) movie is a true (and very erotic) classic.

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Ah but it is the same George McDonald as Behind the Green door, just with a mustache here.

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