Corps à corps (1976) Jean-Claude Roy

Corps à corps (1976)
Country: France Director: Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin)
Language: French | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.66:1 | Length: 79mn
Vodrip H264 Mkv - 866x566 - 1.27gb

Starring: Chantal Virapin, Ingrid d'Eve, Laurence Thibault, Marie-Christine Guennec, Martine Grimaud, Sophie Bulle, Alban Ceray, Daniel Trabet, Paul Rega, Gil Dubois, Thierry de Brem

Jeanne, 19, applies for a job as a model. When she rings, Frank, the painter is busy with another model, Chloé. Jeanne is asked to strip and gets the job. As she has no place to live we are not really surprised when she is asked to stay with her new boss who tells her he has to paint erotic pictures to make a living. The girl has nothing to say against that and very soon becomes more than a model for the artist and we are offered two sex scenes involving her and Frank.

As Doris and Chloé turn up the next day, Jeanne is asked to do the shopping while Frank portrays the two girls. In the street she comes across her friend Muriel who takes her to the man of her life. His fantasy is to be watched while making love. Jeanne agrees and caresses herself while watching the couple. Meanwhile Frank portrays his two models and eventually joins them for some action. Lucky man!

When Jeanne comes back, the trio is out for some accessories. Enter Jessica Connors (maybe an agent for the painter?) who immediately checks Jeanne's perfect shapes. Frank calls on the phone to say he'll be back in one hour which leaves more time than necessary for Jessica to take advantage of Jeanne's need to change her clothes in front of her. Jessica immediately starts playing with herself. Jeanne joins her and her dildo...

When Frank comes back, he shows his latest paintings to Jessica who likes them and asks him to take a photo (!) of his three models. So Frank gets to work and draws the three lovely girls. 1 a.m., everybody's tired and the girls will stay overnight. Of course, the first voracious girl is followed by a second, and, you bet, a third. Tough night for the artist.

The following day, Jeanne takes the portraits to Jessica who warmly thanks her with a strap-on dildo.

Bob (Frank's agent) and his driver Christophe pay a visit to the artist and tell him he's going to be on show in New York in two months. They are then introduced to Jeanne who being wide open to any friend of Frank's knows how to show her appreciation. Chloé joins in.

Muriel takes Jeanne once again to her lover. This time she wants him to make love to her friend. Jeanne agrees and Muriel ends on a dildo strapped to the man's loins while he's busy with her friend.

Frank calls his friends Yves and Aline for a party. The couple seems to be a bore according to Chloé who tells Frank that she and Doris are in love with Jeanne (so is Frank). This doesn't prevent them from making love once again (and provide us with the never-tiring vision of Laurence Thibault's wonderful pale body.)

Party time. Everybody's there. No time to lose then and all the participants join in the action. Among them, Yves turns out to be Muriel's lover (although nothing shows he knows Jeanne) and Aline turns out not to be the bore we expected.

The following day, Yves tells his wife about his sexual needs and his having lovers.

She perfectly understands him and reckons the party has changed her. To show him how adult she's become, she asks him to make love with his lovers in front of her. He calls the girls but only Jeanne turns up and she, Yves and his wife Aline go to bed together.

While reading the papers, Jessica discovers that Jeanne is being looked for as she has inherited a huge sum of money. She tells the group about it and as she needs to get rid of pent-up tension, asks Doris to give her a hand while Frank and Chloé have it their own way close nearby.

Now that she is rich, Jeanne asks her friend Muriel to share her life and introduces her to her boss and fellow models. Everyone want her to stay but she definitely needs a holiday. She buys Bob's car, borrows the chauffeur and leaves with Muriel.

As Yves and Aline are busy in bed, the bell rings. Jeanne has come to ask them to go with her for 'a long holiday'. With sperm dripping down Aline's chin, the film ends on the five of them driving through the night...

Just too bad Gary Sandeur's music is so boring and so off-beat with the action. As for the poor dubbing... Remember. No way at the time to turn them off. But were those girls pretty!

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