Une Hotesse tres Speciale (1979) Pierre Unia

Une Hotesse tres Speciale (1979)
aka Hôtesses en matinées, putes en soirée
Country: France | Director: Pierre Unia 
Language: French | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.66:1 | Length: 76mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 733x482 - 1.06gb

Starring: Barbara Moose, Béatrice Harnois, Céline Gallone, Chantal Fourquet, Christine Righetti, France Lomay, Jenny Feeling, Marilyn Jess, Martine Schultz, Natacha Lori, Valérie Martin, Pierre Zales, Gil Duroc, André Miller, Piotr Stanislas, Dominique Irissou, Richard Lemieuvre, Gabriel Pontello, Alban Ceray, Cyril Val

Eléonore works on a stud farm and is a little frustrated at her lover Blu's shyness. She is a very hot girl and to get rid of her frustration, after discovering her colleague Michel's interest in sexy magazines and masturbation, she has it off with him, although he disapproved of doing it with a friend's girlfriend in the first place.

Eleonore lives with her grandmother and before Blu arrives on the train, she enjoys herself in the bathtub recalling her scene with Michel and calling out Blu ... Michel phones to suggest fetching Blu at the station, but Eléonore wants to do it herself and off she goes. On the way she almost (or is it a fantasy?) has an accident with two hunters. After fetching Blu (and taking him home?) she is off again for some shopping. On her way back, she comes across the two hunters who rape her in the woods. In fact she really seems to enjoy it calling them Blu in her rapture. When the thing is over she gets hold of their guns and learns that one of the two (Denver) is a film producer in Paris who agrees to give her a job.

Back home she takes Blu to her room in order to listen to her new record, strips, teases him and ends up masturbating him until he comes in her hand. She wishes the boy was a little more manly.

Michel takes Blu away (where to? We won't know ...) and Eléonore tells her grandmother she's got a job in Paris. Cut to a threesome involving her, Marilyn Jess and a shaven Michel. The grandmother wakes Eléonore up in the middle of her dream ... Too bad, but she's got a train to catch!

On the train, she recalls her experience of being raped with some pleasure. In Paris she meets Denver and his secretary Ariane. Eléonore not only agrees to be photographed but she also shows her new boss how devoted an employee she can be. She's hired and her job will be to check the films back in from the theatres, naked under her overall. So she gets to work viewing different scenes from Folles Amours and Candice Candy along with a scene involving André Miller with a brunette (Christine Righetti?) and France Lomay. She soon goes from masturbating to lesbian love with Ariane until she (Ariane) is called by Danvers who tells her he wishes to share their new recruit with her before her lover (Blu) steps in and puts an end to it.

At that very moment, Blu calls the grandmother who tells him that Eléonore has gone to Paris for her job. Three masked gangsters enter the viewing room and decide to wait for Denver. The male one soon puts his hand into Eléonore's knickers and she enjoys it as she thinks the man must be a porn actor (André Miller, actually seen on the screen a few minutes earlier). When Denver is back, the trio turn out to be friends paying a surprise visit.

A very angry Blu phones Eléonore. A few minutes later he is at the door and takes her away. The remaining five (two men, three women) have an orgy while Blu takes his lover home, beats her and finally has it off with her who had been craving for it for a month!

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