Parties raides (1976) Georges Fleury

Parties raides (1976)
Les Perversions d'un couple libéré 
aka The Nibblers
Country: France | Director: Georges Fleury (Jean Desvilles)
Language: English or French (2 separate audio tracks) | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 72mn
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 - 768x456 - 907mb

Chantal Nora plays Eva
Claude Janna plays a masseuse
Ellen Earl plays Samantha
Laurence Jarry plays the prostitute in the Bois
Laurence Thibault plays the redhead at the office
Maria Catala plays the maid
Marie-Christine Chireix plays the brunette at the office
François Lopez plays George, Eva's husband
Jacques Insermini plays a masseur
Richard Lemieuvre plays Gerald
Charlie Schreiner orgy scene

A young wife complains that her husband won't make love to her anymore, unaware that the reason for that is that he's spending most of his time having affairs with other women.

A theme that has been repeated many times in later porn films, but was probably new when this film was made: George is bored with his wife, Eva, who is pretty but unexciting in bed. He has a mistress, Samantha, and other lovers, which his wife suspects. Eva is fed up with being home alone all the time and decides to try to change herself to please George. He takes her to a sex shop and buys her some kinky lingerie, takes her to a live sex show (the stripper scene, cut in this version) and then to the Bois de Boulogne, where he hires a prostitute and Eva watches her give him a bj. Eva is resistant at first, but finally accepts that this is something that really turns her husband on, so she watches with interest and then makes out with him as he fingers her pussy and the hooker finally gets him off in her mouth.

He introduces Eva to his mistress, but they don't let on that this is his wife, instead telling Samantha that it's a girl he's just met. They have a threesome on Samantha's new water bed, which is outside in the garden. George asks Samantha to teach Eva about the ways of sex, which she does. Samantha takes her to a 'special' massage parlour, where Claude Janna provides sensual all-body massages, and Jacques Insermini gives Samantha a good bonking. Samantha introduces Eva to her friend Gerald, and they have a threesome by the pool, but this time Eva really lets go. She sucks and fucks this stranger she has just met, and while she's riding his cock, Samantha calls George, hands Eva the phone, and the husband and wife (both of whom are screwing others, though George won't admit it) talk to each other while in the throes of passion. This is probably one of the earliest examples of phone sex ever seen on screen.

Back home, Eva wears her new sexy lingerie and the couple has passionate sex together for the first time in years (or so we assume). In the final scene, George and Eva join Samantha and others at Gerald's mansion (the now familiar set from Introductions, Felicia, Entrecuisses and other films of this era) for a full scale orgy.

Ellen Earl is excellent in the role of Samantha, and her acting skills and screen presence are obvious. Ellen has a gorgeous body, almost on a par with Brigitte Lahaie, if not quite as pretty. Ellen also has a poise and self assurance that says, "Don't fuck with me," although she also has a sweet side and can be very affectionate. The character she plays here gives in too easily to George's whims; she is afraid of losing him and will do what it takes to keep him. But the script makes her play against character -- I get the feeling that this woman would not put up with this kind of treatment in real life. She is too strong willed and independent to be used and abused, knowing that she is helping George to rekindle his marriage and soon he will no longer need her. The film resolves this (I won't spoil the ending) a bit too simplisticly IMO. But of course, this is porn, and not great cinema, even is it is above average for the porn genre.

Maria Catala plays Samantha's maid, and she is an underappreciated Latina hottie who appeared in minor roles in just a handful of films from this era. She had a hot scene with Jacques Gatteau in Pénétrations multiples aka Body Lust (1978), which rigoletto upped her a while ago. She also had a memorable scene as a schoolgirl seducing her teacher in Monique et Julie aka Teenager Internatsreport (1979). Maria is in at least three sex scenes in Parties raides, which is more than any of her other films I've seen.

Laurence Jarry, who plays the prostitute in the park, is another rarity, and unfortunately her scene here is brief. The only film I've seen her in where she has several sex scenes is Perverse (1977) aka La Nymphomane perverse. She played one of the dancers in La Fessée, recognizable mainly because she was so much taller than any of the other girls. Watch when George walks up to her in the park, and notice how much taller than him she is (admittedly she's wearing heels, but still, she is tall for a woman in the 70's). Despite her height, she gives one the sense of fragility, which is deceptive. Laurence played the lead in one of Lasse Braun's kinkier loops, Sex-O-Phrenia, in which she does anal, bdsm, is ritually humiliated by three men and gets pissed on. But in the end, she stands up to her female lover who has deceived her, and slaps her in the face defiantly. She may appear fragile on the surface, but deep down she is resilient, as a prostitute must be to survive -- hence her role here is appropriate.