The Hidden Vices Of Eva Blue (1979) Francis Leroi

The Hidden Vices Of Eva Blue (1979)
aka Les vices caches d' Eva Blue
Country: France Director: Francis Leroi
Language: English or French (2 separate audio tracks) | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.37:1 | Length: 61mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 720x496 - 1.37gb

Starring: Agnès Lemercier, Piotr Stanislas, Victor Samama, Mika Barthel, Lucie Doll,  Morgane, Lucie Doll, Micheline Aventi, Hervé Amalou, Thierry de Brem, Jean-Pierre Armand, Béatrice Lancel, Muray Work, Annie Leroi, Marie-Dominique Cabanne, Jacques Larbi  

Eva Blue goes home. A projector starts rolling. Horrified, she sees herself making love in particularly obscene positions. The telephone rings... Particularly inspired and imaginative, this Machiavellian gem concocted by Francis Leroi was applauded by a throng of eager viewers when it debuted in Paris on April 25, 1979 in Alpha-France cinemas.

JOUISSANCES PERVERSES - the various EVA BLUE variations only occurred after Ken Russell's disturbing CRIMES OF PASSION was released Continentally as LES NUITS ET JOURS DE CHINA BLUE - proves one of Leroi's most experimental films, borrowing techniques and motifs from '60s Godard which had already inspired several of his early forays into film-making including LA POUPEE ROUGE and POP GAME. Almost entirely devoid of dialog, the film takes its premise from one of the most revered American adult movies at the time, Radley Metzger's brilliant PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN, yet transforms it through brazen intellectual game-playing into something uniquely French. For this elaborate practical joke (almost) to work completely, Leroi needed the complete complicity of his regular camera man, the highly skilled François About, who in recent years has succeeded in striking up a similarly fruitful relationship with the mysterious "Martin Cognito".
The Hidden Vices Of Eva Blue (1979)