Inside Seka (1980) Seka & Ken Yontz

Inside Seka (1980)
Country: USA Director: Seka & Ken Yontz
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 96mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 512x384 - 1.10gb

Starring: Bobbie Burns, Christie Ford, Merle Michaels, Suzanne Raven (as Portia), Seka [Facial], Tara Mann, Ashley Moore (as C. More Ashley), David Ruby, George Payne, Ken Yontz, Marc Valentine, Mike Feline, R. Bolla, Ron Hudd, Ron Jeremy, Roy Stuart 

The third of the Evart profiler pictures – following INSIDE JENNIFER WELLES and ALL ABOUT GLORIA LEONARD – arguably centers around the most hallowed of hardcore harlots, the inimitable über-blonde Seka. As per usual, the star takes directorial credit, with unmentioned but very hands on support from Joe Sarno. Audience appeal naturally depends on whether you like Seka or not. While I was decidedly more of a Vanessa Del Rio man at the time, when it seemed you had to fawn over either one or the other as an adult aficionado, I've grown considerably fonder of her over the years. She entered the business in the late '70s with then husband Ken Yontz in tow and their "undying" romance takes center stage here as well, an all too sour irony when one considers their imminent breakup. 

Misleadingly aloof in her acting, Seka's all fire once the clothes come off. Running the reins, she helps herself to an all you can eat buffet of dick. Unlike both middle-aged minxes who preceded her, she's far more of an egalitarian when it comes to genital girth, embracing the gamut from the magnum meat sported by the ever scrumptious Ron Hudd and stalwart George Payne to the rather more modest endowments of cute everyman Marc Valentine and pock-marked stud Roy Stuart). Seems that our girl likes them in all shapes and sizes. Nice to see I've got something in common with the platinum princess then. Of course, this was also the woman who claimed that John Holmes' monster meat was a snug fit in Julia St. Vincent's dirty doc EXHAUSTED ! 

A horny highlight occurs when Our Lady of Lays goes to visit hardworking boyfriend Valentine (the curly-haired mobster type guy who was the recipient of Annie Sprinkle's rectal romancing in the subsequent DEEP INSIDE ANNIE SPRINKLE) on the job and snubs his horny employer Ron Jeremy, leaving the latter to his own devices…and his own self-suck specialty ! More conventionally erotic is her bedroom ball-burner with Merle Michaels, teasing and taunting Ken before allowing him to join in and bust his nut. 

Contrary to previous episodes, production proves rather more utilitarian with glaring lighting and barely functional photography. Taking the cake in the "oh no, you didn't !" department is the stomach-churning theme song that was actually considered for record release, a potential crime against humanity that was fortunately averted !
Inside Seka (1980)