Submission (1978) Claude Bernard-Aubert

Submission (1978)
aka La maison des phantasmes  
aka The House of Fantasies
aka Soumission aka Clarisse
Genre: Drama
Country: France | Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (Burd Tranbaree)
Language: English or French (2 separate audio tracks) | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 69mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 656x400 - 1.37gb

Starring: Brigitte Lahaie, Richard Lemieuvre, Christel Loris, Élisabeth Buré, John Oury, Piotr Stanislas, Morgane, Guy Royer, Dominique Aveline, Anne-Christine Bézier

Take a couple of chapters of Lady Chatterley, mixed them up with some pages from Madame Bovary, then transport this concoction into the seventies and you get something like "Soumission". Impotent piano player (and part time magician) Monsieur Matthieu (Richard Lemieuvre) arranges several sexual escapades for his young and beautiful wife Clarisse (Brigitte Lahaie), whether she likes it or not. For instance, she has to bring a letter from her husband to M. Morange in a hotel room. You can tell this is going to be trouble when Morange turns out to be Dominique Aveline, who seems to play some kind of sleaze ball in every film Brigitte Lahaie ever made. His and her resume's must overlap a lot. The letter instruct Morange to have sex with Clarisse (well, what did you expect) and when she objects, his hotel maid makes sure she complies. At night, Matthieu wants her to tell everything that happened in great detail in front of his schoolgirl pupil and her mother, but she refuses and leaves the dinner table. Later she does returns to the sitting room to eat cake while he plays the piano. Before long the two guest (Cristel Lauris as the mother and Catherine Ringer as Emille) start to loosen their clothes and soon all three women are pleasuring themselves on the couch, while the music plays on and the servants are no longer able to contain themselves.

Brigitte goes out on a long walk to think it all over using her inner monologue. Unfortunately three men in hardhats (including dirty Dominique) notice her and make an attempt to rape her. Brigitte barely escapes, but finds no solace at home, where her sick husband demands her to strip while his pupil practices her lesions in the nude and her mother knits a sweater. Brigitte soon drives off again, leaving mommy dearest to have a go at arousing Matthieu's limp lid, while the maid (Morgane) give young Emille a bath. Of course in real life, Catherine Ringer was not exactly a minor. In fact, she looks older than Morgane and Brigitte. It's a good thing Lahaie is such a stunner, for the story borders on the incomprehensible (as usual) and the use of dialog is sparse. This makes every scene seem to last longer than necessary, especially the outdoor sequences of people just walking around the countryside. The cinematography is adequate and the music sexy, although making use of bird whistles and cricket sounds does become a bit laughable at times.

Having given up on getting a rise out of Matthieu, Cristel Lauris has turned her attention to his chauffeur's trouser area. Then the maid brings in a couple of rubber appliances for Matthiue to hold on to while Catherine Ringer sits on them. Embarrassingly, Clarisse returns home at that very moment, having again escaped from those three ruffians. This time, the three rapists were wearing cartoon criminal outfits (though their intentions were far from loony tunes). When they join the party in process at the mansion to the dismay of Clarisse, they have changed into trench coats and hats. You see, Matthieu hired the trio to have a go at his wife together, in a last attempt to get himself aroused. Without a word, the free for all orgy begins, with Brigitte's only relief being the fact that Cristel Lauris is helping her to carry this burden. As the three Dick Tracy's and the chauffeur change partners and positions a couple of times, Clarisse begins to get her groove on and miraculously, Matthieu finally finds his manhood again. So, all the others take a step back to watch the man of the house consummate his marriage in the missionary position. Not exactly the most spectacular ending they could have come up with, but at least all loose ends are resolves in a depraved sort of way.
Submission (1978)