Her Last Fling (1977) Carlos Tobalina

Her Last Fling (1977)
Country: USA Director: Carlos Tobalina
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 72mn
HDWebrip H264 Mp4 - 1280x720 - 2.46gb

Starring: Annette Haven, Candida Royalle, Paul Thomas, Clair Dia, Roger Dickson, John Holmes, Sandy Pinney, Carol Tong, Desiree West

Lovely, but uptight young lass Sandy sheds her inhibitions and decides to happily indulge in group orgies in both San Francisco and Las Vegas after her doctor informs her that she only has a few weeks left to live.

Director Carlos Tabolina and writer Edgard Warren don't bother with exploring the more touching and tragic aspects of the poignant story; instead they just get right down to steamy basics with wall to wall group copulation set pieces involving a bunch of attractive folks that include such familiar Golden Age porn faces (and bodies) as Desiree West, the super foxy and sexy Carol Tong, Paul Thomas, Candida Royalle, Annette Haven, and even the legendary John Holmes and his monstrously massive mutant moose member. While the plot is slight and Pinney's stiff acting leaves something to be desired (fortunately she still looks mighty tantalizing sans clothes), this hardcore outing nonetheless proves to be quite enjoyable because of its tight 74 minute running time, a fun eclectic soundtrack that incorporates everything from sweeping orchestral mush to groovy-grinding funk, handsome soft-focus cinematography by Fernando Fortes, and a refreshing lack of pretense.
Her Last Fling (1977)

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I think part 2 is messed up. It starts and then it goes to 0 kB/sec and then after a while network error and you can't resume it. Tried it twice already

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Yup! Part 2 is messed up. Starts and then slows down to 10 kB/sec, 7 kB/sec and then 0 and 3 days to completion and then cuts off. 3rd attempt. I gotten part 1 and 3 without any problems.

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4th attempt and again after downloading about 40 MB of it, taking over 2 hours to get such little amount, it failed again network error. I've gotten part 1 and 3 okay, both in under 1 hour. Getting the other parts for the other 4 movies you posted today just fine, so far.

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Hello, could you try it again (from another browser in another folder) I just downloaded it without any problem

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